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A refreshing perspective


Monica Bennett-Ryan

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A  compelling  true  story!
Revelation for Children Coming Soon!
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Yes! Children can understand Revelation!
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Do you believe

 in Jesus Christ?

(Choose left)


Do you believe

in the Antichrist?

(Choose right)

GOING Should I make disciples?

HEAVEN Will you get there?

 CURSING Is it from God or Satan?

TITHING Does it insult God?

LOVING What does it mean?

JUDGING Is it a sin?

The second book (right)

is written for those who believe

Jesus Christ

is the only King of kings

and ruler over all the nations of

the earth, forever. (Rev.1:5)

The first book (left)

is written for those who believe

Satan's Antichrist

will replace Christ as King of kings

and ruler over all the nations

of the earth.

two books one message

What do you believe?

where do you stand?

And they WORSHIPPED the beast!

REVELATION Isn't it about Jesus?

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