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Am I being cursed? How do I know?

What is cursing?

Is cursing swearing? Is it taking the name of the Lord in vain? Is it pointing a wand at someone and speaking an incantation? Is it sticking a pin in a doll? Is it stirring a cauldron to create a magic potion? Is it plotting evil against others? What does the Bible say cursing is? Is it any of the above?

Many Christians believe cursing is the devil’s tool, that curses come from Satan and his agents and is always used against God’s people without God’s will or permission. But is this true?

Other Christians believe cursing is from God, that curses are used by him to discipline his people or destroy his enemies, and they can never happen unless he commands them to happen. So, is this true?

Can Christians be cursed?

As you read this, many believers who love God with their whole hearts are poor, homeless and in great need.

Many have been abandoned by their families, shunned by their church friends and mocked by the societies they live in.

Some are openly beaten, some are killed. Cold, hungry and dressed in rags they spend sleepless nights on the streets. They cry out to God for understanding...

Why is this happening?

Have these people been rejected by God? Has he cursed them for some obscure, hidden sin? Have they been so proud God has had to humble them? Or is this like the ‘suffering of Job’, only for a time?

Could it be an attack from Satan to cripple their testimony or stop them storming the gates of Hell? Maybe it’s a fiery trial they need to endure? Or, perhaps it’s simply the outworking of poor life choices.

How can anyone know?

Is it possible to know why hardships happen to Christians? Yes! Is it possible to know whether those hardships come from God or Satan? Yes!

This little book will explain the differences between the curses of God for sin, his righteous trials on believers, the attacks of Satan and our own choices.

Can we know the difference? Yes, we can!

It will also explain witchcraft, what happens when people curse us, and what we can do when we find ourselves cursed by other people.

A small power-packed book!

From Genesis to Revelation, this little book will take you from the first curse ever spoken, past the curses Christ nailed to the Cross, to the moment the last curse God will ever utter ends life on this planet.

You will never wonder about curses again...


If you like what you have read, could you leave a short one or two word review on Amazon? Something like, "Interesting" or "Good read" or "Different!"

I'm asking because Amazon restricts the viewing audience unless the book is getting reviews and I would like to get free Christian information out there for as many as possible to view.

Thank you for helping spread the Gospel. Be blessed!

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