• Monica Bennett-Ryan

TITHING is about forgiveness - not money!

Tithing can be controversial and confronting, almost a forbidden topic in some places, and so without discussion the purpose of tithing can remain hidden.

It is generally (wrongfully) regarded as the giving of money, and those who question it are often dismissed as being greedy or tight, yet this is totally beside the point. Tithing is not about money! Tithing has never been about money.

Tithing has always been about forgiveness!

The primary purpose of the tithe was to pay for sin. Under the Old Covenant, there could be no sacrifice for sin, and therefore no forgiveness of sin, without tithing.

That's why tithes were collected, so sacrifices could be made by priests to atone for the sin of the people; for without atonement, they would not be blessed. Their crops would not be blessed, their land would not be blessed, their homes, families, children, animals and incomes would not be blessed.

Their forgiveness, and the blessing attached to forgiveness, depended on the quality of the tithe they gave. It had to be the best or it would be rejected by God. If they didn't give their best, instead of blessing, their land, homes, crops and families would receive God's curse.

That truth, in itself, answered many questions we had about the validity of tithing today, particularly among those who say they believe Christ was the last sacrifice for sin, and believe their sins were forgiven by His perfect sacrifice.

But that was just the beginning!

When we searched the Scriptures we found a few other very good reasons to question the practice of tithing and none of them had anything to do with money. We asked:

  • Was tithing practiced by Christ and his disciples?

  • Was it part of the role of the early church?

  • Is sowing and reaping the same as tithing?

  • Are Christians blessed if they tithe?

  • Are Christians cursed if they don't tithe?

  • Did Christ's sacrifice fulfill the law of the tithe?

  • Was Abraham's tithe outside the law?

  • Why did Cain and Abel tithe?

  • Did Christ replace tithing with something better?

  • Does tithing deny the sacrifice of Christ?

  • Is God insulted when Christians tithe?

  • Can tithing harm my relationship with God?

The answers we found may not be what you expect...


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