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Should Christians judge? Yes!

How can anyone avoid judging?

If you answer that question you have judged! Is it possible to avoid judging? No! Never! If you can avoid thinking, you can avoid judging! Can you avoid thinking? No!

All thinking is judging!

It is ridiculous beyond belief that today's widely cried catch-phrase is 'don't judge me!' Oh, please! That statement has got to be the most judgmental statement ever made!

People who believe they have the right to tell other people not to judge are total hypocrites; simply because telling people not to judge is an act of judgment!

Beyond that, saying things like ‘don’t judge me’ or ‘you should not judge anyone’, shows a total lack of understanding of the importance of judgment to everyday living. For judging is impossible for anyone to avoid.

  • How can you read without judging what you're reading?

  • How can you cross the road unless you first judge the traffic situation?

  • How can you protect yourself from danger unless you first judge danger is near?

  • How can you give someone a comforting hug unless you first judge they need a hug?

Twisted beyond recognition!

The 'no judging' rule of Christ, written in Scripture, has been twisted beyond recognition. Jesus did indeed say, “Judge not…” but those two words were just the beginning of the sentence. They were not a blanket statement! Jesus went on to say...

In the same way you judge others, you will be judged; for the measure (type of judgment) you use will be the measure used against you. (Matt.7:2)

Now that's a totally different story! But, what was Jesus saying? Basically, he was telling us three things:

  • Judging is normal...but...

  • The way we judge is important...because...

  • The judgment we give others will be the judgment we receive back on judgment day.

So what does that mean? It means, Christians are supposed to judge! It means, there are two kinds of judging; the right kind and the wrong kind. It means, which ever type of judgment we choose will decide how God will judge us on judgment day.

What is the right kind of judgment?

Here are just two examples of the right kind of judgment. If we judge the right way, it will go well for us when we are judged by God.

  • Jesus told us to forgive. Can we forgive without first judging someone to be in need of our forgiveness? No! Does this make forgiveness a judgment? Yes!

  • What about mercy? Can we show mercy to those in need if we don’t first judge that mercy is required? No! Does this make mercy a judgment? Yes!

According to Scripture, people were created to judge, and we were given the choice between two different ways of judging; the right way and the wrong way.

So, what else are we allowed to judge? What is the wrong way? What is the right way? Can we know for sure? Yes!




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