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Ten years ago people power stopped them...


During the global financial crisis of 2009, a few ordinary Australians were recruited into a secret organisation and subjected to routine chaos, confusion, threats, isolation, segregation and constant job insecurity. When they discovered the hidden agenda behind the brutality, they risked jail to successfully expose the corruption.

But was that the end of it? No! That was only the practice run! A new global crisis was coming, and this time the organised chaos would not be limited to a small group of people. This time the government would unleash their practised brutality onto the entire country.


I was one of the people recruited back then, and when the COVID crisis hit, and the dystopian laws were brutally enforced on all Australians, all I could think over and over again was, 'this is just like Defence', this is just like Defence.' Then, I finally understood. I had been part of a pre-COVID social experiment. It was not an accident! It was planned! It was brutal! And it was sanctioned at the highest levels of government - for a reason!

When DSA (Defence Intelligence and Security Authority) did this to me and others in 2009, they did it quickly. Slow doesn't work. Once they began their destruction, they had to move fast so that their victims would not have the time or the will to think about what they were being ordered to do.

They preyed on our trust!

Behind the closed doors of an intelligence agency, the Defence bullies got away with everything they did simply because we 'good people' thought staying quiet and going along with 'those who know better' was the best way to serve Australia.

Likewise, the COVID bullies have been able to get away with everything they have done so far because the 'good people' of Australia were made to believe that going along with all their destructive madness was the best way to overcome a cold virus.

Was the virus the problem? No!

The virus was merely a convenient cover to enforce an already planned and hidden agenda. The new crisis needed to be important enough to be considered a 'global' problem and this global 'virus' was perfect.

It wouldn't have mattered what kind of 'global crisis' came along; the crisis itself was irrelevant. Though COVID was the catalyst chosen for the brutal authoritarian response, the crisis could just as well have been something else, like a significant terrorist threat, an imminent war, a major stock market collapse or a worldwide food shortage. These, of course, can still be used, one after another, to keep the freedom-destroying, excessive-force, fear-riddled 'emergency powers' going. Unless we stop them!

No matter the global crisis, the government response in Australia would have been the same. It was planned! It was written! It was rehearsed! It was ready! Heavy-handed authoritarianism, designed to strip Australians of our Constitutional rights and become the 'new normal', would be forced onto a trusting and unsuspecting public, 'for our own good'.

But, is this want Australians want? Is this what we voted for? Is this what we pay our politicians to do? Do we want to give up our freedom and live in a fearful, authoritarian, 'smart' dictatorship? I don't believe so!


The pre-COVID social experiment conducted in DSA between 2009 and 2012 revealed the shocking reality that, with strong coercion, 70% of Australians would be willing to submit to a communist-style totalitarian regime. And worse, some of those would willingly become vicious enforcers of extreme authoritarianism.

Therefore, when the COVID opportunity arrived, our despotic leaders assumed that, with strong coercion, 70% of Australians would give over their freedom without a word of dissent. And they were right! Look at how Australia has responded to the destruction of our freedom!

Hardly a whimper!

In the pre-COVID experiment, 30% of the staff quietly objected to the brutally enforced corruption, while 5% openly and loudly opposed it! Was this useful information to the government? Absolutely! The percentages during COVID have proved to be about the same!

The government knew that around 70% of the population would buckle under, give up their freedom, accept their new totalitarian rule, and that some would even join forces with the bullies against those who dared object to having their freedoms stolen. Their biggest challenge would be shutting down the other 30% and especially the 5%.

Ten Years Ago, a few 'whistleblowers' made up the 5% - AND WE WON!

Ordinary people stood up against the power and might of Australia's Defence Intelligence. We faced their lawyers, their media lies and their attempts to get us prosecuted, and we won!


Against all odds, ordinary Australians can win this great battle! We can get our country back! The destructive despots doing this to Australia all belong to the entrenched Liberal/National Labor/Green alliance who have been working together for decades to bring this nation from a free and safe Constitutional Federation to a harsh Chinese-style Communist Republic. They are almost there! Is this what Australians want?

We are 26 million. Politicians are only 700. We can win this!

We need to do more than vote the despots out! We need to educate ourselves on the issues and begin actively voicing our disagreements - in writing! We need to call out the government's media lackeys and expose their inability to report the facts. We need to take sure-footed, legally binding action! Can ordinary people do this? Yes!

Our Constitution is still in place but one their great lies is that the Constitution is irrelevant. No, it isn't! It is still the pivotal law that underpins our society. It is only through the ongoing power of the Constitution that politicians can hold office. If they disregard our Constitution, they lose their right to hold office.

We need to find out how they are operating outside the Law and hold them accountable!

That's how a few people won against the great and mighty Defence machine. We found the law they were blatantly abusing and held them to account. We looked behind all the coercion, harassment, bullying and abuse of our other rights, to the illegal activities those 'distractions' were covering up and we exposed what they desperately wanted to remain hidden.

That's the key to ending this current corruption. Look behind the 'distractions' and expose the illegal activities. The law, our Constitution, has the power to stop this madness!

Australia has a few intelligent, skilled and experienced Senators who love Australia and hate the division and destruction still being callously inflicted on us by the major political parties. They are actively seeking legal solutions! Get behind them! Support their efforts!

YES! Ordinary people CAN make a difference!


Sentiments taken from A PRE-COVID SOCIAL EXPERIMENT : The Dark Side Of Australia's Defence Intelligence


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