• Monica Bennett-Ryan

Ten years ago people power stopped this...

Yes! It's been stopped before and it can be stopped again. It only takes few good people with a plan to turn things around.

During the global financial crisis of 2009, government corruption flourished.

In a secret government organisation, behind closed doors, chaos, confusion, threats, isolation, segregation, fear, and constant job insecurity were deliberately and brutally used to stop good and honest employees from seeing the officially enforced corruption going on all around them. It worked for a while until a few of those deceived employees woke up, saw the truth, and exposed the corruption.

A few ordinary people were able to bring the whole deception to a grinding halt!

Was that the end of it? No! That was only the practice run. A new global crisis was coming, and this time the planned corruption would not be limited to a small group of people. This time, under the guise of a COVID pandemic, government officials and their civilian puppets would unleash their practiced brutality onto the entire country.

Can ordinary people stop the rot again? YES! Ordinary people CAN make a difference!

One Nation is seeking a Royal Commission into all this - but that Royal Commission needs personal testimonies from the people - all kinds of testimonies - from job termination - to vaccine injuries and deaths - to mental health issues - business loss - suicides - being locked out of your state. There is so much suffering and it all needs to be exposed and recorded. Your story of suffering or loss - no matter what it is - needs to be heard!

We are fools if we ever vote for LIBERAL or LABOR again! They did this TOGETHER.

Their current 'enemies' act is just a distraction to get us to keep our eyes on them in the lead up to the Federal election. They are like kids making noise while Mum's on the phone. They are forcing us to watch their antics. Are they telling us their policies for our future? NO! They are keeping their plans for us and our nation well and truly hidden - most probably because they know we won't like what they have planned.

Meanwhile the minor parties (who can't get air time) DO have a solution! The United Australia Party knows how to pay down the $trillion debt so that our children don't have to become slaves to the government.

We are being deceived and manipulated. We MUST break free of the LIBERAL LABOR political stranglehold. If we don't fight back now, I fear there is worse to come.

It's all in the book...


Monica Bennett-Ryan is a Christian Author and Defence Whistleblower. "Standing against the might of Australia's Defence machine seemed to some like an impossible task. Until we won! Standing against the current brute forced displayed by corrupt government decrees now seems like an impossible task. But we can win again! We can get our country back!"

Using the same non-violent methods three ordinary people used to win their battle against the power of Australia's Defence Intelligence, Monica's book outlines how ordinary Australians can stand together to win this current battle against a few despotic politicians who think they have the right to treat Australians with contempt. "They don't have that right! And it's time we showed them they don't have that right!"


A PRE-COVID SOCIAL EXPERIMENT : The Dark Side Of Australia's Defence Intelligence


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