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Yes! Children CAN understand Revelation!

They have deceived leaders, poisoned people, divided friends and families, destroyed traditions, and now they threaten war! Can a handful of ordinary teens overcome the evil?

Though set in a fantasy world, the trials encountered and overcome in this book are current. Like their counterparts today, these teens face deception, lying, ridicule, confusion, betrayal, persecution, destruction of values and the looming threat of war. But they don't face these trials alone! They are trained, equipped and assisted all the way by seven mighty and invincible Fire Lords.



VIRTUAL to REALITY is an action-packed allegorical fantasy combining all the elements of the Gospel and the dramatic characters of Revelation (a ferocious Dragon, his wicked queen, two ugly beasts and three deceiving frogs). It gives a 'behind the scenes' glimpse into the way two opposing spiritual forces influence ordinary events in the real world. Fast-paced and filled with drama, intrigue, persecution, danger and a hint of romance, the story builds to a breath-taking Armageddon-style battle and the ultimate personal choice - life or death.


A royal hero saves an ordinary girl and her village from a vicious dragon and returns home for a time. Not wanting the girl to fall prey to the dragon's loyal followers while he is away, he sends his seven powerful Fire Lords to protect her and her village until he returns.

As soon as the hero departs, the dragon's two beastly pets and his wicked queen (pictured left) enter the village and try to force the villagers to believe the dragon is still in control. They deceive leaders, poison people, cause divisions, spread lies, destroy traditions and threaten war.


The Fire Lords are the most powerful people in the realm. They help the teens stay one step ahead of the wicked trio. Using seven invincible power-gifts, they teach the teens to predict and thwart the schemes, plans, tricks and outright evil deeds of the wicked queen and the dragon's two beastly pets.

The shape-shifting evil trio (wolf pictured right) constantly underestimate the power of the seven Fire Lords. Time and again, they find their wicked schemes thwarted by one small and annoying group of teens.



Though the plot of this book may seem to have been written with the world's current social problems in mind, that is definitely not the case. This book was visualized in 2016, plotted in 2017 and the story completed in 2018, before any of our current mayhem began or could even be imagined. It took a further three years for the drawings to be completed. Published in late 2021, it went on to win the prestigious CIPA award in 2022.

From the Author

The disasters and problems faced by the teens were taken from the three temptations faced by Christ in the wilderness in body, soul and spirit. They also came from knowledge of how Satan desires to destroy, steal and ultimately kill though plague, famine and sword.

It has been amazing to me to watch the allegorical scenarios I developed from the Gospel, come to life in the flesh. Plague, famine and sword on a global scale was not something I could ever have imagined would take over the world.


This reality may have taken me surprise, but not God. He was ready to help His children understand what is happening and assist them to overcome. Today, more than ever, children need to know and understand the power, promise and REALITY of the Gospel.

This simply written tale not only gives teens (and adults) a visual and emotional understanding of Salvation but provides a glimpse into the warfare being waged behind the scenes. Finally, it introduces them to the real hero, Jesus Christ and gently shows them how they can choose to take the Gospel promises from VIRTUAL to REALITY in their own lives.


This AWARD-WINNING BOOK is an altogether delightful reading experience...

The 406-page interior is beautifully and tastefully adorned with hand-drawn ink sketches by some very talented artists, the lead artist being Marietjie Louw of Queensland, Australia.

The intriguing cover was imagined and developed by designer Donika Mishineva of Bulgaria. She said, "As the girl reads the book, she is touched by the light of understanding, and the book opens up, and its words come alive to her. It's like she is inside the book."

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