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In the past three years, the Western world has been handed a toxic cocktail of poisonous rhetoric and told we must drain the cup or be regarded as 'haters' of society.

Many are drinking this smoking cool-aid and draining its dregs!

Globalism, LGBTI, Climate Alarmism, Cancel Culture, Abortions, Euthanasia, Sexualisation of Children, Depopulation, Bio Weapons, Pandemic Treaties, Racism, Digital Identity, Microchip Implants, Food Shortages, Convenient Wars, the elimination of cash, the destruction of motherhood and the family, and the tearing down of morality, traditions, history and national sovereignty have been mixed into a sickening cocktail and suddenly thrust on an unsuspecting public.

Heavily disguised as 'good'!

Forced vaccinations are presented as being 'good for others'. Forced green energy is touted as 'good for the world'. Forced acceptance of mass murder and the sexualisation of children is presented as being 'good for society'. In Australia, forced division by race is now promoted as 'good for the country'. Those who disagree are called 'selfish'. All this is presented to us as the Great Reset, the New Normal, the New World Order as if that made it alright.

It's not alright! And there is nothing 'normal' about it!

As long-standing Christian values are torn down, and Christianity itself is ripped apart, Christians remain quiet. Why is that? Why are we staying quiet?

Without a doubt, the greatest threat to the establishment of this vile totalitarian utopia is the Christian population! We are billions (one third of the world's population) and have both natural and supernatural power to stop the above from happening. Yet we are not saying a word! There has not been a peep from the churches!

Where is the outcry from Christian leadership?

The ruthless political forces behind this tsunami of evil are well prepared. Over sixty to seventy years they have altered and manipulated Christian doctrine and used it to subdue and control the vast Christian population. Teachers of false doctrine have been planted in Seminaries, Bible Colleges and pulpits to teach doctrines that would prevent Christians from taking a stand against this planned and current evil.

Though there are varieties of false doctrines at play in the churches, one, in particular, is dominant, standing head and shoulders over the others. It is not merely a false doctrine, it is a totally false gospel. And its effect on Christianity has been devastating.

What is this false doctrine and what can we do about it?

This book exposes the false doctrine, shines a spotlight on the political forces behind the deception and offers both spiritual and natural solutions that every Christian and freedom loving person can do to halt the spread of this present darkness.


Monica Bennett-Ryan is an Australian Defence Whistleblower who with two friends exposed entrenched corruption running rampant inside Australia's Defence Intelligence. Now she is exposing the politically planted corruption of doctrine running rampant inside Christian churches. "When we know the truth, the truth will set us free!"

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