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The resurrection of Christ was powerfully significant. Everything changed! Not just for Christ but for us as well. How did things change? That's what the book of Revelation explains...


For thousands of years, the cryptic symbols and visions within the Ancient and Mysterious Book of Revelation have mystified, inspired and intrigued. Why do they fascinate? What secrets do the pages conceal? Is there a hidden code?

This book peels back the layers of mystery, decodes the symbols and explains the images in language that can be understood by the religious and non-religious alike. Come and see the beauty and promise of Revelation as you've never seen it before. There are no horror stories here. Only stunning visions of hope.

There are so many beautiful concepts to explore in the Book of Revelation. The depth of the mysteries revealed is breathtaking:

  • What did Christ's resurrection change?

  • How does the ‘bride’ rule and reign with Christ?

  • Why did all sound, even praise, cease in Heaven for half an hour?

  • How do the judgments of Revelation mirror exactly the judgments of Calvary?

  • How does Revelation explain the meaning of Christ’s title, ‘alpha and omega’?

  • Whom do the ‘four living creatures’ around the throne represent?

  • What control do those ‘four living creatures’ have over the four horsemen?

  • Why are the four horsemen traditionally called, "The Four Spirits Of Heaven?"

  • Why do the seven Spirits of God adorn Christ’s head like a crown?

  • Who are those seven Spirits? Are they named in the New Testament? Yes!

  • What are the seven royal rewards offered to all the redeemed who overcome?

  • Who are the three frogs who lead all the kings of the world to Armageddon?

  • Is Armageddon the end of the world?

  • Why does Satan conjure up two beasts instead of one?

  • Why are the first beast's seven ‘lion’ heads sitting on a ‘leopard’ body with ‘bear’ feet?

  • Who is the woman who rides the first beast and why does the beast hate her?

  • In what way does the bride 'come out of' or come away from this evil woman?

  • How does the number 666 reveal Christ’s victory over Satan?

  • Why is the word 'antichrist' absent from Revelation?

  • What will Christ be like when he returns?

Revelation was written to reveal the power and glory of Christ. It was given to us so that we could understand the depth and fullness of the selfless love that took our Redeemer to the Cross and the ongoing power of his supremely effective and righteous resurrection.

There are no horror stories in Revelation. There is nothing frightening or scary about the testimony of Jesus Christ. He is love. He lived in love and he commanded love. When all the protective layers of mystery and symbolism are peeled back, the blinding glory and power of his resurrection authority is more than breathtaking - it is mind-blowing!

There is nothing hidden or concealed that will not be brought out into the open. (Luke 8:17)


REVELATION Ancient & Mysterious was written over many years by Monica Bennett-Ryan.

The stunning cover on this book was crafted with great care by Donika Mishineva of Bulgaria. She said, "I have made the leather look old and worn, as if it has been through many hands. The embossing gives the impression of royalty while the golden lock hints at something of great value. The peeled back area shows that the secrets, symbols and visions inside can not be constrained but have a life of their own." Her design is perfect!

The HARDCOVER makes a quality gift and would grace any coffee table.

The PAPERBACK is as deep and rich as the hardcover.

The EBOOK is only available through Amazon Kindle.

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