• Monica Bennett-Ryan

Do Good people go to Heaven?

Will you get there?

We hear it all the time, “Sure, I’m going to Heaven. I’m a good person.” At funerals it is often said, ‘he lived a good life!’ or ‘she was a good person!’ or ‘only the good die young!’

Being good is equated with being welcomed into Heaven after we die. But is that true, or is it a widely held assumption? Do good people automatically go to Heaven?

Will you go to Heaven?

There are times when this question hovers over our minds. Mostly we brush it aside, telling ourselves we'll think about it later. But what if there is no later?

In times of major epidemics, sudden disasters or war, there is no later. Death stares us in the face and challenges us to think about our eternal destination. Surely it will be Heaven!

Generally speaking, most people believe those who are regarded as ‘evil’ will not be welcome in Heaven, but 'good' people will be welcomed with a smile.

But then, things begin to get a little fuzzy. How 'good' is good enough? Does it matter if you're bad sometimes? Will being a nice person be enough? How can you know?

Are there any rules for entry to Heaven?

The undeniable truth is, Heaven belongs to God. It is his home - his eternal dwelling place. We can’t just land on his doorstep and tell him we’re moving in. That’s just plain rude! We have to knock on his door and wait to be invited in.

The thing is, he has a dress code. He also has entry rules, and no one is allowed in unless they meet the standards God himself sets.

Since God decides who will enter into Heaven and who will not qualify for entry, it would seem wise to look up his requirements for entry to Heaven, if that’s where we want to go.

Being ‘good’ is not one of his rules!

For most, it may come as a shock to discover being ‘good’ is not one of God’s requirements, and never has been! In fact, according to Scripture, being good is more likely to keep a person out of Heaven than to grant them entry. The Bible tells us Adam and Eve chose to live by standards of both ‘good’ and ‘evil’, and that decision disqualified them from being allowed to enter Heaven.

The ‘bad apple’ which was deadly to Adam and Eve had two sides. It had a ‘good’ side as well as an ‘evil’ side. On bite from either side - good or evil - was deadly!

So, does that mean being good is actually as deadly as being evil? Yes, it does! Does that mean being ‘good’ can actually keep us out of Heaven? Yes it does!

Then how does anyone get to Heaven?

How would you feel if you arrived at the most important party of your life empty-handed and dressed in the wrong clothes?

Wanting to go to Heaven, will not be enough. Being good, will not be enough. What will be important to God when we stand on his doorstep, is how we are dressed and the gifts we have brought with us. Being good is not one of those gifts.

Will the right clothes and the right gifts guarantee us entry? Yes!


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