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The Book of Revelation is not complicated or difficult to understand. It's a love letter written from the heart of the creator of love to his cherished bride. It's a message of comfort and reassurance and leaves the strongest impression of hope the world has ever known.


The testimony of Jesus Christ, penned by the Apostle John and known for centuries as the Book of Revelation, is a declaration of love. It is a promise sprinkled with royal rewards and breathtaking visions of future glory.


Despite all the efforts of God's enemies to turn Christ's glorious testimony into a horror story which exalts Satan and attempts to make him the focus of Revelation, that is not the case and will never be the case. Revelation is and will always be about Jesus.

Jesus is the author of love. He created love. He commanded love. He taught love. Everything he did showed his love. His testimony can only be about love.

It is not surprising that when his testimony is viewed through love, all the stunning visions, symbols and images within his love-filled testimony lose their mystery and become clear.

Are they scary and frightening? Absolutely not! Every symbol and image in the Book of Revelation brings us good news and tidings of great joy.

They are given to comfort and bless and remind us that no matter how difficult things may become in this world or how many obstacles Christ’s enemy may lay before the redeemed, our triumphant Saviour will deliver us from all the devil’s schemes and take us safely to his eternal Kingdom just as he so lovingly promised.

The word of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ. Rev. 1:2

It is Christ's great love for his redeemed, his glorious bride, that drives his testimony. His love has influenced every single thing he has done for us. For that reason, I have chosen to highlight Christ’s love for his bride throughout this book. Every chapter acknowledges one or two specific ways Christ has shown his love for his bride while taking the reader effortlessly through the entire Book of Revelation.


Though written with gentleness and free of theological jargon to give a pleasant reading experience, it is deeply researched and presents a whole view of Revelation within the context of the Gospels, the purpose of salvation, and the overarching message of Scripture.

God so loved the world, that he sent Jesus... John 3:16

The presentation is unashamedly feminine. The interior decoration is hearts and flowers and even the dot-points are love hearts. Every page reminds the reader that she is loved.


Love brought Jesus to the world. Love took him to the Cross. Love raised him from the dead. And love will take the redeemed safely to our eternal home. This is the consistent message of the Bible, of the Gospels, and of Revelation.

Blessed are those who read and understand what is written. Rev.1:3


REVELATION A Love Story was developed over many years by Monica Bennett-Ryan.

The stunning cover was crafted with great care by Donika Mishineva of Bulgaria.

The HARDCOVER makes a quality gift and would grace any coffee table.

The PAPERBACK is as deep and rich as the hardcover.

The EBOOK is only available through Amazon Kindle and is FREE on Kindle Unlimited

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