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The logo on the front of this book is the symbol of the 'Old World Order', the brutal oligarch-controlled totalitarian Roman Republic and its successor, the Roman Empire.

It was under the authority of this symbol that Christ was put to death.

When the Imperial Roman regime ended, it didn’t disappear entirely but took on a different form and subtly continued to influence the world.

Now, this hidden regime has changed its form again and emerged from the shadows with an updated symbol that reveals its renewed goal of world domination. It proudly and openly promotes itself as the 'New World Order'.

Only one thing stands in its way, 2.56 billion Christians!

Would ruthless political forces attempt to use doctrine to subdue and control the highly influential Christian population? Yes, they would! And they have!

Over sixty to seventy years altered and manipulated Christian doctrine has been insinuated into the churches and used to subdue and control the Christian population.

Though there are varieties of false doctrines at play in the churches, one, in particular, is dominant, standing head and shoulders over the others. It is not merely a false doctrine, it is a totally false gospel. And its effect on Christianity has been devastating.

What is this false doctrine and what can we do about it?

This book exposes the false doctrine, shines a bright and powerful spotlight on the political forces behind the deception and offers both spiritual and natural solutions that every Christian and freedom loving person can do to halt the spread of this present darkness.

The 'Old World Order' failed - twice! This not so new 'New World Order' will also fail!

There is nothing new under the sun! (Ecc.1:9)


Monica Bennett-Ryan is an Australian Defence Whistleblower who with two friends exposed entrenched corruption running rampant inside Australia's Defence Intelligence. Now she is exposing the politically planted corruption of doctrine running rampant inside Christian churches. "When we know the truth, the truth will set us free!"

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