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The real cost of those solar panels on your roof, wind turbines in the paddock and the 'eco-friendly' electric vehicles we are being told we need is total environmental destruction.

Mining for the rare earth minerals to supply the promised 'net zero' green energy targets will not only cause widespread destruction of the planet but will cost the lives of people, animals, fish and birds that come into contact with the deadly, carcinogenic toxins released into the land and water in the mined areas.

Look at the facts...



China began mining for rare earth minerals in 1990 and set up chemical processing factories to refine those minerals. The resultant cancer epidemics and data on air, water and soil pollution were treated as 'state secrets' until 2013 when it was estimated there were around 450 cancer villages in China, with that number growing.

Later in 2013, a separate government survey reported that about 16.1 percent of China’s soil and about 19.4 percent of farmland were contaminated, affecting villagers, reducing harvests and rendering much of China's homegrown food toxic.

In 2017 the Chinese government shut down rare earth mineral mining in China.



Rare earth minerals are not found in veins like gold, but rather are broadly scattered through the earth's crust, most easily accessed through the topsoil on cleared land, like farmland. After they remove the topsoil, it goes to a leaching pond, where acids and chemicals are used to separate the various rare earth elements from the clay, soil, and rock.

This process dumps excessive amounts of ammonia and nitrogen compounds into the region’s ground and surface water. Other pollutants, such as cadmium and lead, are released during the mining process. Restoration of the contaminated land for farming is impossible.

Rare earth mining done near uranium deposits leads to the addition of radioactive material, which can impact the central nervous system and cause cancers like bone cancer, skin cancer, and acute cardiovascular and respiratory issues.

Will other regions around the world suffer a similar fate if they become, like China, the supplier of cheap rare earth minerals with little or no environmental conscience?

They already have...



One of China's neighbours is a mountainous country called Myanmar. It has one of the world's richest deposits of rare earth minerals. As the rare earth mining industry in China was closing down, a rare earth mining boom, like a gold rush, began in Myanmar.

Myanmar is now China’s single largest source of heavy rare earth metals, making up 70% of the supply, according to Chinese customs data and UN trade data.

But at what cost?

More than 2700 leaching pools currently dot what used to be fertile farmlands and pristine forests. According to local witnesses, the river water is no longer drinkable, endangered species such as tigers, pangolins and red pandas have fled the area, fish have become extinct. The damage from the various acids used in extraction is extreme. They are so strong they eat right through the shovels of bulldozers and excavators.

Armed militia force farmers off their land if they don't choose to profit from rare earth mining, even threatening them and their children with death by shooting. However, even when they comply, the locals are left with nothing. “They are mining rare earth minerals everywhere, and we are no longer safe to drink water,” said one brave villager. “There is nothing to support the children. Nothing to eat.”

This is the cost of your 'green energy'...



Afghanistan, which like Myanmar, shares a border with China, is sitting on over US$1 trillion worth of lithium. When America moved out, the Taliban opened the door for China to move in.

In July 2021, a month before Kabul officially fell, Taliban leadership welcomed the prospects of Chinese aid and reconstruction.

In November 2021, representatives of several Chinese companies reportedly conducted on-site inspections of potential lithium projects in Afghanistan.

Where to from there? A farm near you?



On August 18, 2022, Rising Resources reported: "There are not enough minerals, like lithium, cobalt and nickel, in the currently reported global reserves to build even one generation of batteries for all EVs and stationary power storage."

"Exploration for new mineral deposits, feasibility studies, and pilot scale tests of existing known deposits will be needed on an unprecedented scale, all over the world. To hit official 2050 decarbonisation targets, we need a shedload of mining/downstream battery materials projects to come online sooner rather than later."

Is this is why cows are suddenly bad, meat is vilified and we all told we will need to get used to the idea of eating bugs as food? Yes! Absolutely! Money-hungry globalists want to rip up good, fertile, food producing farmlands and turn them into toxic wastelands.

How much do we want EVs and Digital IDs? Are they more important than food?



It doesn't take long to deplete a country of its rare earth mineral supplies. Rare earth minerals are not renewable and so, once they are gone, they are gone for good. Here are the stats put out by a German heavy industry vehicle company, Tuningblog:

250 tons of topsoil is processed for ONE Tesla battery.

To manufacture each battery, it is necessary to process:

  • 12 tons of brine for the lithium

  • 15 tons of ore for cobalt

  • 3 tons of ore for nickel

  • 12 tons of ore for copper

  • and move 250 tons of the earth's crust.

ONE battery comprises approximately:

  • 12 kg of lithium

  • 30 kg of nickel

  • 22 kg of manganese

  • 15 kg of cobalt

  • 100 kg of copper

  • 200 kg of aluminium

  • steel and plastic

And people still believe in "zero emissions" when they drive their electric car...



The push for 'green energy' is not even close to being 'eco-friendly' and is already causing untold environmental devastation to the countries that engage in rare earth mineral mining.

Oil and gas, however, are sustainable, reliable, cheap to produce and good for the planet. They are made BY the planet and FOR the planet. They are not based on fossils, but are continually renewed. They will NEVER run out.

They are the product of the earth's recycling program! Yes, the earth recycles! Our smart planet gathers the rubbish of the sea, old bones, dead fish, weeds, and faeces and with the help of volcanic activity, converts that rubbish into usable oil and gas.

The oil and gas produced by the earth doesn't need to be manufactured by people. They are ready to use and only need to be distributed. Compared to the labour-intensive, expensive to manufacture, toxic 'green energy' solar panels and wind turbines, gas and oil only need to be collected to be useable.

So why do the rich want to get rid of readily available, cheap, truly renewable, eco-friendly energy and replace it with difficult-to-access, destructive and non-sustainable 'green energy'?

Well that's the trillion dollar question, isn't it? May it should be called 'greed energy'!



Yes! Absolutely we can!

The BIG SECRET global elites and the political, business and media puppets that support them don't want you to know is that YOU have the power to stop them!

Global elites can't be rich without YOUR money. Don't give it to them.

Politicians can't destroy us without OUR permission. Don't give it to them.

Media personalities can't lie to us if we DON'T WATCH their shows. Stop watching.

Teachers can't terrify YOUR kids if YOU teach your kids the real cost of green energy.

It's time to ditch any business, politician or media personality that promotes or pushes Green Energy, Digital IDs, Carbon Credits, Solar Panels, Wind Turbines or Electric Vehicles. They are promoting the high human and ecological consequences of toxic rare earth mineral mining.

It's time to tell our kids the truth!

Green Energy has never been about the environment. It's always been about the rich getting richer. Do they care about the earth, or the human suffering their greed causes? No! Green Energy DESTROYS the environment. If we don't stop it, it will destroy the whole world.

It's time to stand up! It's time to fight back! How? This is how...

(Written by Monica Bennett-Ryan for Our Times)

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