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Australia's first attempt at Digital Identity (ROBODEBT) was a disaster!

Developed during his term as Treasurer, under Malcolm Turnbull, Scott Morrison sang the praises of his illegal digital ROBODEBT program - set up to earn the government billions in revenue. As it turned out, the program was not only illegal, it used fear and deceit as coercion.

"A more targeted approach to managing people" is how the new Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, described it in mid-2016. (Robert Stuart, May 2020, ABC News)

Some 381,000 Australians were illegally coerced into paying $751 million to the government, even though many didn't owe what the computer had calculated. The financial and mental distress the pseudo debts caused was horrendous. Many had their wages and tax refunds garnished to pay off their supposed debts or were chased by debt collectors.

The onus was on the victims to prove they didn't owe the debt!

Thousands of family members linked the debts to the suicides of their loved ones, including Queensland mum Kath Madgwick, whose son Jarrad took his own life after receiving a $2000 debt. The Department of Human Services has confirmed that 2030 vulnerable people died shortly after receiving their ROBODEBT.

Did the government care that its reckless accusations were causing harm? No!

"ROBODEBT court documents show government was warned 76 times debts were not legally enforceable. (Luke Henriques-Gomes, Sept 2020, The Guardian)

The government (which means, PM Scott Morrison) was told not just once, or twice that the scheme was illegal, but 76 times, and it still took a forced 'class-action' by the victims for the courts to bring it to an end.

As a result of the class-action, Centrelink was forced to repay the $751 million in illegally collected funds. On top of the repayment of illegally collected funds, approximately $101 million was ordered by the court to be paid to cover individual losses in interest. That amount, shared among the victims, was due to be paid by 30 September, 2022.

In all, this "more targeted approach" by government to digitally "manage people", has cost the taxpayer $1.2 billion and untold suffering to hundreds of thousands, including many deaths. You can see a timeline of the ROBODEBT scandal on The Conversation website.

A massive, shameful, failure!

ROBODEBT was described by Justice Bernard Murphy - the presiding judge over the class action - as "a shameful chapter" and "massive failure in public administration".

All this was going on while Scott Morrison, as Prime Minister, was seeking to roll out yet another Digital Identity regime. After such a massive, costly and shameful failure, he should have resigned his office and apologised to Australians, but he didn't!

Ignoring the damage ROBODEBT had caused, Scott Morrison forged ahead. His new digital control scheme would not be limited to just one government department and a small percentage of Australians but would embrace the whole of Australia.

Like a dark cloud, heavy with rain, the looming question hovering above us while we wait for the fallout of the governments' current push for control is, 'how many lives will be ruined by Digital Identity this time?'

There was no compensation payment for the pain ROBODEBT caused.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese last month called for a ROBODEBT Royal Commission and one of the key questions will be whether victims should receive compensation. We're talking multiple billions more to be paid out, simply because of an enforced government Digital Identity scheme that was all computer and no heart.

WEF Global Domination Program (The New World Order)

While he was Prime Minister, Scott Morrison reported to the WEF like a good soldier. He proudly boasted to unelected overseas overlords that adoption of a Digital Identity regime in Australia was supercharged during the pandemic both in the private and the public sector.

Scott Morrison at Davos (video - 21 January, 2022)

The thing is, we didn't pay him to serve the interests of an external governing body. He was elected by Australians and paid by Australians to serve Australia. It wasn't that long ago that politicians where being thrown out of parliament for 'dual citizenship' - the claim being that divided loyalties would compromise the interests of Australia. And yet, here we find not just our PM but many members of our government giving loyalty to Klaus Schwab by submitting to the governance of his New World Order.

No Australian politician can serve the interests of Australia and come under the de facto governance of the UN/WEF New World Order at the same time. Such divided loyalties constitute treason and yet, both the Liberal and Labor governments are rushing head-long into the WEFs global Digital Identity mandate.

A Digital Identity system is the only way a de facto New World Order can work.

Without a Digital Identity System Klaus Schwab cannot rule the world, people can keep their privacy and autonomy, and the nations can go back to being unique nations.

Will this little bit of knowledge stop the Albanese government from continuing Morrison's push for Digital Identities? No! A controlled global population is what the WEF wants. All computer and no heart. But what happens when it all goes wrong as it did with ROBODEBT?

What happens if our medical records get messed up or tampered with? What happens if the Title Deeds for the homes we own disappear? (Don't think it won't happen!) What happens if our name is confused with someone who has a criminal record? What if we become locked into an identity that is not ours with no way out? There are too many what ifs...

No digital system in the world is foolproof!

The recent spate of hacking of personal information held by big business and government organisations shows how easy it is to access and change Digital IDs. Is it worth the risk? No! If you want to keep your house, make sure you have a hard copy of your Title Deeds.

ROBODEBT is Australia's Digital Identity pattern. It is the base, the first from which all others will spring. This means we can be absolutely sure of one thing...

Digital government control can only bring chaos, misery and disaster!

A FINAL NOTE OF CAUTION: Don't be fooled by 'high tech' smoke and mirrors. Digital Identity biometric identifiers like your voice, face, eyes or fingerprints can be extracted remotely, copied and used against you. You can always change a password, but you can't change your bodyprints. Don't be deceived. Don't rely on biometrics for security.

(ROBODEBT: A Digital ID cautionary tale, written by Monica Bennett-Ryan for Our Times)


SCANNED - Why Vaccine Passports and Digital IDs Will Mean the End of Privacy and Personal Freedom - By Nick Corbishley

In Scanned, Nick Corbishley examines and exposes the lies and overreach that underpin the wholesale erosion of personal freedoms that is happening at an alarming rate.

In clear language supported by rigorous research, his book uncovers how the rollout of vaccine passports not only represents an unprecedented violation of privacy and bodily autonomy, but how it perpetuates the false idea that a 'small' collective sacrifice now will allow us to return to normality sometime in the vague and distant future - maybe.

However, if things continue on the current path, getting back to 'normal' is never going to happen. Instead of a return to normality, we will see the creation of a starkly different form of existence in which most of us will have virtually no agency over our own lives.

This is not a liberal or conservative debate. This is not a vaccinated or unvaccinated debate. This is about freedom, global democracy and how much we are willing to give up. This is about deciding when it is time to say, 'enough!'


Inside Scanned, you'll find:

  • The massive implications of a tech-enabled Digital Identity, social credit systems and biometric tracking.

  • How basic freedoms and privacy are being handed over to the state and private companies without our consent or knowledge.

  • How government programs and increased surveillance will facilitate discrimination, segregation and stigmas for huge segments of the population

There is a fundamental flaw in applying the 'greater good' argument to vaccine passports, because the passports themselves offer precious little in the way of potential good - and a huge amount in the way of potential harm.

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