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GREEN PIRATES - Rape, Pillage, Loot, Plunder...

We all love a good pirate story! Right?

When we think about pirates, childhood images of wooden legs, eye patches, hidden treasure, swash-buckling sword fights, talking parrots and the tell-tale 'skull and crossbones' flying proudly in the breeze atop the mast of a battle-worn ship tumble over each other and fill our mind's eye. Pirates are the stuff of legends!

Their reality, though, was a little more brutal!

On the high seas, pirate ships would disguise themselves as merchant ships or explorers or naval vessels - friendly and harmless. They needed the disguise in order to be able to get close to their victims so that they could have the advantage when the battle began. They would only unfurl their true colours (their 'jolly roger' - skull and crossbones flag) when their victims were near enough to recognise that they had been duped.

In the ensuing battle, pirates, raped, plundered, looted, killed and destroyed. They left nothing behind, not even the ship. They were known as the 'scourge of the sea'. They are still the scourge of the sea, as many current survivors of pirate attacks at sea can testify. In reality, pirates are not legends - they are criminals who are very good at pretending to be friends.

Not content with the sea - they now want our land!

The art of piracy has not changed. Pirates still come alongside, pretending to be friendly and harmless with one aim, to gain the advantage so that they can rape, plunder, loot and destroy everything we hold dear. These days, they are not content with treasures on the high seas. They want all the treasures our land holds. They intend to have not just the treasures of the land, but the land itself. They want everything!

Who are these smiling, friendly, harmless-looking pirates?

Are they close enough yet for us to recognise them? Yes! Will they unfurl their real colours? They already have! They have already boarded our ship with weapons drawn, and they're telling us, 'you will own nothing and be happy'. The implication being that we should be grateful to them for letting us escape with our lives.

They came alongside us, smiling, friendly, harmless-looking, pretending to care for the planet and flying the green flag of environmental causes. It was all a ruse. Their intention all along was to steal, kill, destroy, rape, loot and plunder every country on earth. That intention is now exposed for everyone to see. They call what they are doing 'The Great Reset'. We call it brutal, criminal piracy.

And the evidence is mounting...

The whole 'we care about the planet' green rhetoric is an outright LIE! All 'new energy' relies on the availability of rare-earth minerals. Rare-earth minerals are needed, for example, to run computers and phones and make batteries that store energy from wind turbines and solar panels and run electric vehicles. Without rare-earth minerals, there are NO electric vehicles, no batteries for stored power, and no green energy. Yet, rare-earth mineral mining is the most destructive mining on earth. It turns healthy farms into toxic wastelands. The greens know this!

Nevertheless, smiling Green Pirates keep LYING to us! Here are a few facts:

  • Rare-earth minerals are rare! They are NOT renewable. They can't be replaced. Once they are gone, they are gone!

  • We don't have enough rare-earth minerals in the world to provide everyone on the planet with even the first battery for their electric vehicle.

  • A second battery is currently impossible. It is the same with all the electricity storage batteries. They can't be effectively recycled. They are NOT renewable!

  • To gain all the rare-earth minerals needed for just the first generation of EV batteries and electricity storage, mining will need to be increased on an 'unprecedented scale'.

  • This means farmland needs to be acquired - quickly - to be utilised for rare-earth mining. Hence the great push to vilify cows and turn people away from eating meat.

  • In reality, Green Energy is merely the excuse for an 'unprecedented' land grab! Once the cows are gone, farmers will be forced to sell their land. And that is not good!

  • Rare-earth mineral mining is so toxic to the land that water is polluted, fish are wiped out, animals die, and humans are displaced. The toxins eat through excavator shovels.

  • In Myanmar, militia and police are paid to force owners off their farms - paid by whom? Those once fertile farms are now toxic wastelands. 70% of Myanmar is destroyed.

  • The rare-earth minerals from Myanmar are converted by China into your phones, computers and wind turbine, solar and EV batteries, and more. But at what cost?

Green Pirates don't want us to know the truth:

  • Highly toxic rare-earth mineral mining is NOT good for the planet.

  • Rare-earth minerals are NOT renewable. They are already running out.

  • Oil and gas ARE renewable. They are NOT fossil fuels. They will NEVER run out.

  • Methane from cows does NOT control the weather. That idiocy is sheer nonsense.

  • Killing off cows and meat is a ploy to 'grab the land' and mine it for rare-earth minerals.

  • And bug eating? People only eat bugs as a last resort, usually when they are starving.

  • No one in Australia needs to eat bugs. We grow enough food for 75million people.

  • Despite plenty of food, food shortages and bug eating are being forced on Australians.

  • Starvation is a tool used by despots, like Stalin and Chairman Mao, to control their populations and force them into slavery to the state.

  • Don't think that is not happening in Australia; it is, and it's happening everywhere. It will continue to happen UNTIL we, the people of Australia and the world, stop it.

Green activism is not about saving the planet; it is piracy in disguise.

The pirate 'mother ship' is the UN/WHO/WEF, and Klaus Schwab is its Captain. The mandate for his New World Order, the Great Reset, was laid out in the UNESCO charter of 1946:

The moral for UNESCO is clear. The task laid upon it of promoting peace and security can never be wholly realised through the means assigned to it - education, science and culture. It must envisage some form of world political unity, whether through a single world government or otherwise, as the only certain means of avoiding war… in its educational program it can stress the ultimate need for a world political unity and familiarize all peoples with the implications of the transfer of full sovereignty from separate nations to a world organization.

Did you catch that? The original charter of UNESCO specifically calls for a single world government. Later, it discusses the importance of population control.

GREEN ACTIVISM is a cover for the biggest 'land grab' in history.

It is PIRACY, pure and simple! It's all about greed and world domination.

Can we fight back? Yes! Can we win the fight? Yes!

We have a plan, and it's being implemented globally right now. The Global Walkout is providing a unified pushback against the globalist (UN/WHO/WEF) agenda and suggests simple, easy things we can all do. Like using cash instead of credit cards, unsubscribing from main-steam media and ditching places like Paypal that want to fine us with hefty fines for 'misinformation' (like the thought police in George Orwell's 1984). When we pushed back against Paypal - we, the people, won!

And that's just the beginning...

Written for Our Times by Monica Bennett-Ryan.


You can read more about the Green lie in this book by Ian Plimer, a leading Australian geologist and professor emeritus at Melbourne University.

He says, "In this book I charge the greens with murder.

  • They murder humans who are kept in eternal poverty without coal-fired electricity.

  • They support slavery and early deaths of black child miners.

  • They murder forests and their wildlife by clear felling for mining and wind turbines.

  • They murder forests and wildlife with their bushfire policies.

  • They murder economies, producing unemployment, hopelessness, collapse of communities, disrupted social cohesion and suicide."

Available through AMAZON

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