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Many politicians seem to think they can destroy our lives, our children, our values, our industry, our infrastructure, our freedoms and our future, and we dumb Aussies won't lift a finger to protect ourselves. They think we are too stupid to notice or even care.

Aussies are not stupid!

We are a very laid-back and easygoing people but when we get pushed to far - watch out! Over the past couple of years, we have put up with a lot of harsh treatment from government, police, and self-important bureaucrats. But enough is enough! They have gone too far!

We will never forget what they have done!

  • Children in boarding schools not allowed to return home to parents during holidays.

  • Wives unable to see husbands working in a different State.

  • Businesses driven to bankruptcy.

  • Farmers unable to feed or tend the animals on their land in an adjoining State.

  • A pregnant woman arrested in pyjamas for sending an unapproved email.

  • A disabled man rammed to the ground by a police car for not wearing a mask.

  • A twelve-year-old girl sprayed with pepper spray for not wearing a mask.

  • An elderly man given a heart attack by police who forced him to the ground for not wearing a mask while walking in a park.

  • A young girl viciously choked by a male police officer, thrown to the ground, knelt on, and violently hand-cuffed for the crime of not wearing a mask.

  • Children kept away from dying parents.

  • Parents kept away from sick children.

  • Newly born babies ripped away from their unvaccinated mothers.

  • Children's playgrounds locked with chains.

  • Pregnant women turned away from hospitals.

  • Weddings cancelled, funerals banned, visits to the elderly and disabled outlawed.

  • An elderly woman shoved to the ground and brutally pepper-sprayed.

  • Police shooting people at peaceful rallies.

  • Suicides among jobless men skyrocketing.

  • Rampant mental health issues and suicides in school children skyrocket.

  • Homeowners locked out of their state and forced to live in cars and tents for months.

  • People jailed without trial.

  • Severe and deadly side effects from COVID vaccines ignored and DENIED.

Why did our government officials think they could do this to us?

That's what some of our Senators are asking. They are calling for a Royal Commission into the legality of the lockdowns and mandates and the brutal way Australians have been treated and in some places are still being treated. They are asking us to send them our stories.

The following press release was written by Senator Pauline Hanson on 26 Aug 2022


Australians impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic must be able to tell their stories.

“I’m delighted the Prime Minister sees the logic in One Nation’s demand for a Royal Commission into the pandemic. This is an unprecedented event which has disrupted the lives of everyone in Australia.

We may still be dealing with COVID-19, but that’s not a legitimate reason for kicking the Royal Commission can down the road. After almost two and a half years of this wretched pandemic, there is plenty of evidence for a Royal Commission to look at right now.

One Nation was the only party which committed to a pandemic Royal Commission at the election, and we have not been idle in the meantime. We will offer a preliminary draft of the Royal Commission’s terms of reference on our website for comment in early September.

These will focus on impacts on the economy, government accountability and transparency, systemic issues, legislation and policy, public trust, human rights, the role of the media, the role of international bodies and agencies, and the response of the private sector – all issues are on the table.

The world will be watching, so this must be a comprehensive and completely public inquiry which examines every aspect of how the pandemic was managed. We must be able to review the expert advice which was used to justify pandemic measures which caused so much disruption and pain across the nation.

It’s imperative Australians’ experiences of the pandemic are heard. This Royal Commission must give Australians the opportunity to tell their stories. It’s time for the truth.

We should be under no illusions this will be a long and sometimes difficult process. It’s one of the reasons we should get started on it right now. The Prime Minister does no service to the Australian people by delaying it.

Pauline Hanson


The Senate wants to take our stories to a Royal Commission.

For years no one in government cared what any ordinary Aussies thought! We were made to feel that our opinion not only didn't count but was ridiculous nonsense.

Now, the tide has turned...

Those same despotic government officials, brutal police, and pompous bureaucrats are now trying to dodge the inevitable retribution bullets. They want us to calm down and forgive them and just let it all go...

That's just not possible...

People are dying by the thousands from the deadly experimental drugs the despots forced onto everyone. Young and healthy people, for no apparent reason, are suddenly dropping dead or dying in their sleep. This new global 'phenomenon' has been given a label. It is called SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome). It seems it is easier for the medical profession to say that a person died from SADS than to admit they died from vax injury.

All this must be investigated!

None of us needs to accept the dystopian 'new normal' that a few heartless and despotic politicians want to force on us. We don't need to put up with their atrocious behaviours. Australians number around 26 million. Politicians number less than 700. They don't control us; they serve us. When they cease to serve us, we toss them aside and find politicians who will do what they are paid to do, serve our nation and us with honour and dignity.

Our individual stories are vitally important!

There are so many terrible stories of abuse, neglect, injury and death, and for healing to begin, all those stories need an outlet. The Royal Commission is a place to start.

Future Australians need to know what a corrupt government looks like, how to see beyond the smiling public face of individual politicians to the pain their actions cause, and how to deal with them when they attempt to rise above and beyond their authority.

No personal story is too small or insignificant. Every story is important! All we have to do, as individuals, is write our painful stories on paper and send them to the Senate. That can be a little hard to do, but it could save a lot of hardship for future Australians.

We never want to see this happen again...

In Australia, this is where to send your story:

Senators for a Royal Commission

GPO Box 228

Brisbane QLD 4001

(This article "We will not forget" is written by Monica Bennett-Ryan for Our Times)


Senator Pauline Hanson is the leader of ONE NATION. You can contact Senator Hanson at Parliament, or through her One Nation website, follow One Nation on Facebook, or email her at

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