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ISBN : 978-0-9943256-3-1

Pages: 340

Print Size: 6 x 9

Printed in Australia

In His Name Publishing



WHAT THEY SAW (Paperback)

  • This is a true story! 


    In 2009 three ordinary Christians working within Australia's Defence Intelligence saw things they shouldn’t have seen. They were sworn to secrecy and faced jail if they revealed what they knew.


    Australia’s National Security, including our military, was being put at risk but what could they do? Who could they turn to when it was their bosses who were ordering the corruption?


    They had no paper evidence; it didn’t exist! Nothing was written down. All the proof of corruption was digitally held inside highly-protected, classified, military computer files. Totally inaccessible to anyone outside Defence Intelligence.


    Nevertheless, in 2011, despite the risk to their freedoms and their total lack of evidence, these three boldly revealed what they knew to the media. Then, watched open-mouthed in awe as God stepped in.


    Through miraculous interventions, God not only kept them out of jail, but helped them expose to the highest levels of Government the greatest intelligence scandal in Australia’s history.


    Theirs is a remarkable story...


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