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ISBN - 978-0-9807895-9-1

Pages: 102

Print Size:  4 x 7

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In His Name Publishing 

TITHING Does it insult God?

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  • Nobody likes to talk about tithing!


    Tithing can be a controversial and often confronting subject, almost a forbidden topic in some places, and so without discussion the purpose of tithing can remain hidden.


    It is generally (wrongfully) regarded as the giving of money, and those who question the giving of tithes are often quickly dismissed as being greedy or tight, yet this is totally beside the point.


    Tithing was never about money!


    There are some very good reasons to question the practice of tithing under the New Covenant and none of them have anything to do with money.


    In this book we seek to find answers from Scripture for many questions, like: Why didn’t the first disciples tithe? What was the original purpose of tithing? Did Christ replace tithing with something else?


    The answers we found surprised us...





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