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ISBN 978-0-9807895-4-6

Pages: 348

Print Size: 6 x 9

Printed in Australia

In His Name Publishing

REVELATION A Love Story (Hardcover)

  • This beautiful book explains why Christ is the unchallenged Champion of Heaven, how the beast, his famous number, 666, and all the other images of Revelation, glorify Christ and place Satan firmly under our conquering Redeemer's feet.


    Written to be a blessing...


    Despite the Hollywood style hype, the Book of Revelation is not a horror story. It is filled with love from start to finish and holds the greatest hope the world has ever known.


    All the horror stories we hear have been 'added' into Revelation. They don't actually exist. When we remove everything added, the overwhelming power of our Saviour's testimony can be seen in all it's glory.


    All the images of Revelation, including the dragon, the two beasts, the number 666 and the evil Queen of Babylon, explain how thoroughly Christ's death at Calvary destroyed, forever, Satan's arrogant attempt to de-throne God and rule the world.


    They explain how everything changed after Christ rose from the dead, and how permanent and powerful is Christ's eternal position of King of kings.


    The glorious testimony of our loving Saviour is a treasure of Heaven, so precious, Jesus literally had to die before it could be revealed.


    His testimony is now an unbreakable, eternal promise...