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ISBN - 978-0-9807895-7-7

Pages: 116

Print Size: 4 x 7

Printed in Australia

In His Name Publishing

LOVING What does it mean?

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  • What is love, really? Is it about marriage? Is it about having a family? Is it about sex? Or is it about smiling sweetly, getting along with people, not ‘rocking the boat’ or not being judgmental?


    Tolerance and self-control in all the above seems to be what the world expects from Christians, yet is that the kind of love Christ asked us to show the world?


    It can’t be, for Christ himself didn’t do any of those things. He didn’t live that way!


    Jesus didn’t marry, or put his family first. He didn’t have sex with anyone or play nice so people would like him. He didn’t avoid ‘rocking the boat’ or making judgments. He had no tolerance for hypocrisy, and his rage in the temple in Jerusalem make him look like he had no self control.


    So what’s the difference between what the world calls love and what God calls love? How did the life of Christ reveal God’s love to the world?


    That’s what this little book attempts to explore...




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