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ISBN - 978-0-9943256-2-4

Pages: 110

Print Size: 4 x 7

Printed in Australia

In His Name Publishing

JUDGING Is it a sin?

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  • How do we avoid judging? Can we avoid judging? Should we avoid judging?


    Judge not…” we’ve all heard those words, and those who ‘judge’ are usually rebuked for being dishonourable. But is all judgment dishonourable?


    Didn’t Jesus go on to say, In the same way you judge others, you will be judged; for the measure (type of judgment) you use will be the measure used against you.” (Matt.7:2)


    What does that mean?


    Didn’t Jesus also tell us to forgive? Can we forgive without first judging someone to be in need of our forgiveness? Does this make forgiveness a judgment?


    What about mercy? Can we show mercy to those in need if we don’t first judge that mercy is required? So, does that make  mercy a judgment?


    If God didn’t forbid all judging, what are we supposed to judge?





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