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ISBN - 978-0-6486761-8-8

Pages: 112

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In His Name Publishing 

GOING Should I make disciples?

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  • What did Jesus mean when he commanded all his followers to make disciples? Did that command include ordinary Christians, like you and me, or just the specially selected? Did it include women and children and new Christians? 

    When I look at the various churches, I see plenty of preachers, lots of teachers, expensive Bible schools and colleges, but I don’t hear anyone claiming to be a disciple of Christ. 

    Where are the disciples?

    Where are those who are obeying Christ’s command to make disciples in their daily lives? Where are the testimonies of what they have done? And where are those who are teaching ordinary people to go and make disciples?

    When I first started seriously thinking about Christ’s command to make disciples, my mind flicked back to the time of Christ and his twelve famous disciples. I wondered, “Is being a disciple different from being a Christian? Can I make disciples, if I am not a disciple myself?  How do I become a disciple?"

    I found that the secret to being a disciple is hidden in Christ's name. No wonder he told us to go out 'in His name".  His name is not just a full-stop at the end of a prayer. It is filled with wisdom and power!

    Come and get to know the amazing authority of going 'in His name!'



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