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ISBN - 978-0-9943256-5-5

Pages: 146

Print Size:  4 x 7

Printed in Australia

In His Name Publishing 

CURSING Is it from God or Satan?

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  • What is cursing? Can Christians be cursed? If Jesus took our cursing, why do so many Christians suffer?

    What the difference between being cursed by God and being disciplined by him?  Is there a difference between trials and 'fiery' trials? What is a baptism of fire? Is persecution part of God's discipline, or something else?

    How can I know what happening to me?

    Should I fight Satan or submit to God's will? How do I pray? Can I pray these troubles away, or do I have to do something else?

    What about witchcraft? How can I know if I've been cursed or had a spell put on me? What can I do? 

    Many Christians believe cursing is the devil’s tool, that curses come from Satan and his agents and is always used against God’s people without God’s will or permission. But is this true? 

    Other Christians believe cursing is from God, that curses are used by him to discipline his people or destroy his enemies, and they can never happen unless he commands them to happen. So, is this true?

    This little book starts at the beginning, when the first curse was spoken and takes you through the curses of Calvary to the last curse which will ever be spoken before the world ends. 

    If you've ever wondered about any of these things, this is the book to read. 




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