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Why I see love in the Book of Revelation!

Revelation is all about love. The beasts, the images, 666; all reflect the powerful love of Christ for his treasured redeemed. This is why I see it that way...

I have no recollection of ever wanting to understand the images of Revelation, but the perspective I now have of the beauty and absolute authority of Christ as sovereign Lord was presented to me by God through the Book of Revelation in a way I couldn't have predicted.

This is what happened...

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon in 1981 and I had a few minutes to spare before leaving for church so I flicked casually through the local newspaper.

When I turned to the entertainment guide I saw an advertisement for a movie at the local club and the name of the star was 'Emmanuelle'.

It took me a few seconds to realize the movie being advertised was pornographic, then I was horrified, not because pornography exists, but because the name this porn queen chose was the name of Christ.

I closed the paper and began to pray, talking to the Lord about the horror of what I had just seen and then put it out of my mind and went on with other things.

That evening during worship, I began to sing "Emanuel, God with us" and as I sang the name of Christ I remembered the horrible advertisement and became angry that Satan's blasphemy was intruding on my worship.

At that point all I wanted to do was compensate my Saviour, somehow, for the injustice and hatred of the blatant blasphemy raging against him.

I threw myself into prayer and as I tried to lift up the name of Christ I realized I didn't know how, so I asked God to teach me how to fight Satan's blasphemy.

Sadness enveloped me and for several days I couldn't think about anything but the assault on the name of Christ. I felt small and useless in the face of what I was thinking and feeling because I didn't know what to do about it, so I continued to pray for understanding.

Towards the end of the third day, I remembered that somewhere in the Book of Revelation there was something written about Satan's blasphemy of the name of Christ so I picked up the Bible and turned to the Book of Revelation.

The page that opened was Chapter 13, the one that talks about the beast with seven heads filled with blasphemous names, and at that point, what I saw left me stunned!

I suddenly understood!

Within the space of a few hours, I understood the image of the beast, what it represents and why God gave us that image. It wasn't frightening at all! This is what I saw:

  • The description of this beast is written as a progression of a previous thought for it begins with the expression, and I saw… When I traced the ‘and’ back to its original statement (below), what I found is the reason for the beast’s existence.

  • The dragon went off to make war...on those who keep the Commandments of God and bear testimony to Jesus...And the dragon stood on the shore of the sea...And I saw a beast rising...(Rev.12:17-13:1)

  • John is first shown Satan’s warfare will be against those who keep the Commandments of God and bear testimony to Jesus, then immediately given a visual picture of how that warfare will be carried out.

  • It's no mistake the beast has ten ‘horns’, for Satan’s warfare is against those who keep the Commandments of God, the Ten Commandments.

  • It is no mistake the horns rise out of 'seven heads filled with blasphemous names', for there are seven powerful Spirits, or names, of Christ (Rev.5:6).

  • This image showed me why God said we would overcome Satan by the Blood of the Lamb (which covers us if we break the Commandments) and the Word of our Testimony (which is the opposite to blasphemy) (Rev.12:11).

  • This amazing image also explains how and why the great love God showed the world in sending Christ to redeem us at Calvary is now completely justified! This image proves God has outwitted and outplayed Satan! That's what this image is about - Christ's victory over the beast!

When I saw this, I was blown away!

I began to read the Book of Revelation with new eyes, and as I did all the amazing images began to open up and reveal the power of the victory of Christ at Calvary.

As I learned about the great love of both God and Christ for the world and the redeemed, I also saw how small Satan really is in comparison.

Many years have passed and over those years I have never stopped learning. I am now confident I know how to tear down the blasphemy of Satan, but more importantly, I know how to lift up the name of Christ.

I have written REVELATION: A Love Story to share what I now know about the glorious might of our conquering hero and the impervious salvation he offers his beloved.

Revelation is not about Satan - Satan is a defeated foe!

Revelation is about Jesus!


Jesus is all about Love!

Read more about Christ's glorious personal testimony in REVELATION A LOVE STORY

The glorious Book of Revelation, shows how much Christ loves his redeemed. It starts with his protection and ends with his blessing.

It takes us to the throne room at the moment Christ returns triumphant to heaven from Calvary.

We watch as he is given the kingdom and see his first mind-blowing act as King, which caused all praise in heaven to cease for half an hour.

We learn how all the images were given to celebrate his victory over Satan and teach us how to join him in his victory.

Finally, we see how all his enemies are placed under his feet, as promised.

What powerful, glorious and amazing book, is the wonderful Book of Revelation. It is indeed a book of blessing for those who love Christ!

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