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Why do I write?

The answer is not so much about me as it is about my passion; knowing God and His Son, Jesus Christ. I can't stand to see Christ presented in a derogatory way, or to have the glory which belongs to him given to Satan. So I write to give him glory. I am a servant of Christ first, everything else comes after that...

Have not I commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you, wherever you go. (Josh.1:9)

You will see from my posts that I don't just call myself a Christian, I actively take up the sword and stand for righteousness. I am battle worn and battle ready. I know how to fight the good fight and how to see beyond the giants to the 'thousands upon thousands' who surround the giants and stand with the righteous.

Don't be afraid! Those who are with us are more than those who are with them. (2 Kings 6:16)

It wasn't always that way. I had to learn...

I needed to crawl before I could walk, and I needed to live the word before I could preach it. It was the same with writing. I started small, and grew in skill and confidence.

My writing journey began with short stories at school, poems in my teenage years, song and musical writing in my twenties, plays and skits in my thirties and blog type sermon notes in my forties.

Though I have several books written now, writing a book was never on my agenda. In reality, the thought didn't cross my mind. I just sort of fell into it.

This is how it happened.

In 1995 I decided to buy my first 'second-hand' computer, which in those days was just a word processor as the internet wasn't available for home use.

I decided to dedicate the computer to the Lord, and so I gathered all the notes I'd written over the years (and there were plenty of them) and began to enter them as an act of faith; to show the Lord he was first in my thinking.

There were so many notes I found myself organising them into subjects, and then into sub-headings under subjects. You can see where that was going...

After seven weeks of entering notes, I realized I'd just inadvertently written the first draft of a fourteen chapter book. I was stunned. That moment was the first time the idea of writing a book had entered my mind.

I didn't rush out and publish it. I put that first draft aside for a long time and over the years I added to it, re-writing it four times, until I was satisfied I'd included everything I wanted to say.

Strangely, it wasn't until after I was happy with the final copy that the Lord showed me a totally different way to present the book to readers. I had to smile at his timing! He'd waited until I'd done my best and then showed me a better way. I love the way he teaches!

So, I re-wrote the book again, this time from a completely different angle. It's now published, and still delights me. My favourite part is chapter 11, which talks about the amazing moment Christ took the throne and began to rule. That moment created silence in Heaven for half an hour and it still blows me away every time I think about it!

REVELATION A Love Story : The Hero | His Bride | Her Rescue

The second book...

Soon after I'd finished writing REVELATION A Love Story, I began working within the Defence Intelligence and Security Authority and living through what would turn out to be a powerful testimony. Of course, it was a story which had to be written, and so I wrote the first eight (of nine) chapters almost in real time. The last chapter had to wait until the real events worked themselves out, and that took years.

So, again publishing quickly was not an option. The launch date was 7 July 2019, exactly ten years from the day I first entered the double security doors which, I was soon to discover, were guarding some pretty dark and ugly secrets.

Amazingly, I didn't have to re-write this book. It was only the last chapter which needed to be re-written before publication. My favourite part is the Postface, which summarises my view of everything that happened and gives all the glory to God.

WHAT THEY SAW Telling the truth could cost them their freedom.

The third book...

In the down-time between editing these two books and getting them published I wrote another book; one I'd been wanting to write for a long time. Based on Revelation, it's a 55 chapter, 389 page, partially illustrated children's book. (Well, not quite child, not quite young adult - YA). I've labelled it 8 to adult.

In the same way CS Lewis used the Narnia Chronicles to highlight the impact of Christ's resurrection on the world, and Calvin Miller used the Singer Trilogy to highlight the emotions of salvation, so I am using Virtual to Reality to highlight the role of the Spirit of God in preparing Christ’s bride for his return.

I'm currently waiting for the illustrations to be completed. My favourite part is chapter 49; an action packed chapter, where the good guys and bad guys line up against each other for an Armageddon style final battle (which, like the real Armageddon, doesn't happen, because God steps in and flaming rocks fall from the sky).

It's called VIRTUAL to REALITY and it's due out late 2019

There are also five small paperbacks and three ebooks...

While writing my three major books, I also wrote five small books of around 110 pages each, and three e-books of the same size. I have another book half written and a couple more floating around in my head. I'll write it them day. Meanwhile these are the five in print:

  • JUDGING Is it a sin? Tackles the impossible half truth 'judge not' and reveals how powerful is the call of God to judge with righteous judgment.

  • LOVING What does it mean? Asks, if God is love, and love existed before the universe, before human emotions, feelings, sex and families, then what is love?

  • TITHING Does it insult God? was co-written with Miriam Wentworth. It Scripturally shows tithing has never been about money, and how Christ replaced tithing with something better.

  • REVELATION Isn't it about Jesus? This book concentrates on shattering the false doctrine which claims Revelation is about Satan's Antichrist. An amazing belief, considering the world 'Antichrist' doesn't exist anywhere in the book of Revelation!

  • And they WORSHIPPED the beast! Like Revelation Isn't it about Jesus? this book smashes Satan-glorifying 'end-time' mythology but goes a little further. It explains why believing that false doctrine is the first step to worshipping the beast of Revelation.

The forth major book is currently being written...

Titled PRISONER OF HOPE, it's my own personal six-decade journey with God from birth, which details how I learned to recognise wolves in sheep's clothing, and the best way to deal with them. I hope to publish it next year. Here is a glimpse;

Over the course of my life, I’ve learned some pretty amazing things about wolves who disguise themselves as sheep. I’ve learned their habits. I’ve sat in their camp and watched as they dressed for deception. I’ve listened as they practised their smooth and convincing rhetoric. I’ve seen the steely glint in eyes that live behind smiling masks. I’ve learned to recognise the sound of a wolf’s voice, even when I can’t see the face or the eyes. God led me into the wolf’s lair so I would learn what I now know.

I guess, if I’d seen the big picture from the beginning, and had known why I was being trained and sent out, I could’ve become obsessed with false teachers and wolves. But God protected me from obsession! Despite the encounters I’ve had and the lessons I’ve learned, my eyes were never on the wolves. They were always on Christ. God taught me to recognise wolves by looking at my Saviour. Seeing the wolves became a side-effect of seeing Jesus.

The hardest lesson, and one of the last I needed to learn, was how much God loves wolves. They break his heart! He wants to gather them and hold them in his arms, but they won’t come when he calls. He loves them! He wants them to return to him. He doesn’t want them to perish, but he cannot embrace their sin. He is imprisoned in everlasting hope!

This attitude became my attitude, not by choice, but because this is the heart of God; his will. Like him, I became a prisoner of hope.

So what else is there to say?

I live what I write and I write what I live. Every experience of my life has been handed to me by my loving Creator, Saviour and Lord. The least I can do is acknowledge what he's done for me through this gift he's given me.

I may be a mother of three and grandmother of seven, but I'm still as passionately in love with my Saviour as I was when I was young. If anything, age and experience have given me more boldness, for I'm far more direct now than I used to be.

And I don't sit back and wait for others to lead...

I'm currently doing everything I can to encourage people to write to the Minister for Education calling for him to suspend gender-based education in all Australian schools because of the high suicide rate attached to the transgender lifestyle. Please see my blog on this site, You can help make our schools safe again! If you read it, and agree with it, please pass it on...

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. God bless all you do for him. Monica

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