• Monica Bennett-Ryan

Where are the Christians?

Christians make up over 60% of this country, but our Parliament does not reflect this percentage in candidates. Our Christian voice is not being heard. Why?

Because we are not in Parliament!

It's time for Christians all over this great nation of ours to rethink who we want to lead this country.

The Federal election is coming up and candidates are needed all over Australia. Now is the time to decide if you will sit on your hands and let things continue as they are, or if you will stand up and say, "Here I am Lord, use me." (Is.6:8)

So which Party actually supports Christian values?

NOT Liberal/Nationals who brought in same-sex marriage and are turning a blind eye to the increasing sexualisation of our children in schools. Their anti-Christian policies have ripped this country apart.

NOT Labor/Greens, who, together with Liberal/Nationals have destroyed our manufacturing and sold our farms, ports, airports, business and industry to China and other overseas interests. Their rainbow politics have all but destroyed us!

It's time to change the game!

  • ONE NATION is standing AGAINST the sexualisation of children in our schools, full-term abortions and organ harvesting, China's influence in our universities, foreign ownership of our land and assets, the privatisation of water and much more.

  • ONE NATION is standing FOR religious freedom, jobs for Australians first, the ongoing building of infrastructure and an increase in the aged pension. It will force foreign owned multinational companies to pay tax and will revoke any Free Trade agreements not in Australia's best interests – and they are just a few of their policies.

  • KATTER PARTY is standing AGAINST Coles and Woolworths duopoly, carbon tax and emission trading schemes, the privatisation of basic assets, the taking of water from the Murray-Darling basin, and a lot more..

  • KATTER PARTY is stand FOR Australian made vehicles and clothing, the construction of new dams and hydro electricity stations. They want to see essential services provided by the government and legislation to assist personal home ownership, plus much, much more.

  • UNITED AUSTRALIA is standing FOR justice for refugees, to give them a better future and lifestyle. It will UTILISE Australia's mineral wealth to provide for the welfare and prosperity of all Australians.

  • SHOOTER, FISHERS AND FARMERS is standing FOR the improvement of health services to regional Australia, the restoration of river health, the protection of our farms and forests, cancellation of the funding disparity between regional and metropolitan schools, plus much, much more.

All the negatives above (which the minor parties are fighting) were established by the Liberal/National Labor/Green alliance. These are their policies! This is what they have done and are continuing to do to this country.

It’s time to look beyond the status quo!

It's not enough anymore for the Christian majority to simply pray for those in authority to act righteously. It's time for righteous Christians to enter politics and boldly represent the values of the silent 60% in Parliament. There is no other way!

It's time for strong Christians to stand as candidates for election!

Will YOU stand?

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