• Monica Bennett-Ryan

What is happening in Australia?

Is it anarchy?

Is it a revolution?

Is it a coup d'état?

What most of us know for sure is this lockdown is NOT about 'keeping us safe'! This new 'recession we had to have' is riding on the back of a cold virus which has killed less people than the flu. The simple world-wide fact is that more than 99% of people who test positive for Covid-19 do NOT die from it!

A Pandemic? Hardly! So what is going on?

Are we, in Australia, experiencing a structural reform of our economy, or something more? Will this structural reform of our economy include a structural reform of our Constitution without our permission? In all this confusion, is our Federation being replaced by a Republic? How can we know when our leaders won't tell us the truth?

Come with me for a moment, down memory lane...

I want to take you back to the Keating era. When Paul Keating was the Labor treasurer under Bob Hawke, he introduced superannuation, eliminated tariffs, reformed taxation by adding capital gains tax, fringe benefits tax and dividend imputation, and was most famous for introducing to Australia the first 'recession we had to have'. That forced recession was purposely and successfully used to change the entire structure of our society.

Prior to that, men on a single wage could support their families, everyone could afford a home and jobs were plentiful, but Keating's recession forced interest rates so high, that overnight a single income was not enough to pay a mortgage and many families lost their homes. Women were forced out of the home and into the workplace and as a result teens began to roam the streets after school and crime and homelessness increased dramatically. Our society went downhill from there.

When he became Prime Minister in 1993, Mr Keating introduced privatisation and began selling off government assets, like Qantas and the Commonwealth Bank, and opened the door to the active promotion of a republic by setting up the Republic Advisory Committee. He appointed Malcolm Turnbull as the Chair and charged him with finding a way to move Australia from a monarchy to a republic.

That began a 30 year push for a Republic!

Today, all Labor/Green Party members are republicans. Their single-minded purpose is to move Australia out from under the protection of our Federation and into the insecurity of a Republic. But in the thirty years since the Republican Movement began in Australia, not one republican has ever told the Australian people what kind of republic they wanted us to become. I guess they thought we wouldn't like what they had in mind.

However, since the lockdowns began, we've been given a clear insight into the kind of repressive republicanism they have in mind. Much closer to a Chinese-style dictatorship than the French or American presidential models. Definitely a no-no! No wonder republicans want us to cut ties with Europe and America and build closer ties with Asia!

What a deception - and it's been going on for a long, long time!

Because of Malcolm Turnbull, most Liberal/Nationals are now also republicans. This is why the policies of the Liberal/National Labor/Greens are the same. They have been working together for the last thirty years, behind the facadѐ of difference, to move Australia from a thriving European-style Federation to an austere Chinese-style Republic.

Liberal/Nationals have not represented conservative views for a very long time. Neither do they stand anymore for business profitability and growth. Labor/Greens do not fight for the needs of workers, choosing instead to block new industry. Rather, they hide behind a facadѐ of tradition while they work in unison to kill off the very Federation which allows them to exist.

That's why, no matter which Party is voted in, manufacturing has been shut down and industry all but destroyed, our education standards have dropped from one of the top in the world to almost the bottom. It's why no new dams have been built, our farms, water and energy have been sold to overseas interests and our conservative Christian values have been brutally thrown to the ground.

But, is this what Australians want? We have said 'NO' loud and clear! A referendum in 1999 to establish a republic, led by Malcolm Turnbull, was soundly rejected. And yet, here we are...

Malcolm Turnbull's 'right hand man', his Treasurer, was Scott Morrison.

Though Scott Morrison has identified as a Christian, he rejects the Bible as a basis for law. What does that mean in reality? Let's take a look...

The Bible is not a policy handbook, and I get very worried when people try to treat it like one. (Scott Morrison)
  • He introduced 'No jab! No pay!'; a bribe-based enforcement program. The Bible condemns all forms of bribery and coercion!

  • He introduced the now defunct 'Robodebt' program, a illegal collection scheme, which accused people of owing money they didn't owe, forcing them to pay. That's stealing! The court agreed with the Bible-based law of the land and ordered the money be repaid to the victims. The Bible condemns all forms of fraud and theft!

  • The Liberal/Nationals endorse both full-term abortion and euthanasia and Mr Morrison has personally authorised the use of untried chemical vaccines which use DNA from aborted baby parts. The Bible condemns murder - and child sacrifice/cannibalism!

On one hand, Mr Morrison says he is Christian, yet on the other hand, contrarily dismisses the Bible's relevance to law; something no Christian would ever do. Likewise, on one hand, Mr Morrison says he is a monarchist, yet on the other hand, contrarily ignores the Constitution and helps the media make our tried and true Federation look like the enemy of Australia - something no monarchist would ever do.

What is going on?

In reality, Mr Morrison has done more in 2020 to debilitate the Constitution, destroy the Federation and usher in a republic than any other person in Australia's history!

  • While claiming to be a Christian he has trampled all that Christianity stands for and holds dear.

  • While claiming to be a Monarchist, he has trampled our freedom and everything Australians hold dear.

Is this what a 'wolf in sheep's clothing' looks like? An enemy, pretending to be a friend? A republican, pretending to be a monarchist? We know when we look at what they do!

How has he debilitated the Constitution?

At the onset of the pandemic scare, Scott Morrison immediately contravened our sovereign rights under the Constitution and shut down most commerce and trade, ostensibly for 'our good'. He set up a 'Premiers Only' National Cabinet, which disallowed the scrutiny of Parliament, again ignoring the Constitution.

The imposition of uniform duties of customs, trade, commerce, and intercourse among the States, whether by means of internal carriage or ocean navigation, shall be absolutely free. (Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act - Section 92)

The Premiers followed his lead, also laying aside the scrutiny of Parliament to become dictators in their own States. When they went too far, Mr Morrison didn't object. He couldn't! Because accusing fingers would point straight back to him. And so, despite having a Constitution, we became a dictatorship!

The trouble is, these dictators lost their right to lead us the moment they ditched the Constitution; for their authority to rule comes ONLY from the Constitution. Without the Constitution they have no legal office. Their rejection of the Constitution invalidates their own positions. Outside the Constitution they have no right to tell us to do anything!

Where does that leave Australia?

So, now a few questions need to be asked; Are we in the middle of a revolution? Is this a coup d'état? Is the 'Pandemic we had to have' merely a useful cover for another 'recession we had to have'? Another recession aimed at bringing social change? Last time was bad enough, but what do the republicans have in mind this time? Whatever they have planned, they're not telling us, so it must be bad!

It seems that a weird form of anarchy is at play here - the kind where the leaders are the ones who lift themselves above the law of the land and break all the rules - the kind where the absence of government is organised by the government - the kind where non-recognition of authority is chosen by those in authority. Weird! Really weird!

But to what end?

Is what we are experiencing 'the sudden transfer of power from one kind of government to another' - a coup? Or is it 'the forcible overthrow of a government or social order, in favour of a new system' - a revolution? But, since when do government's overthrow themselves?

As I said, this whole situation is weird, but despite the weirdness, it seems we are, in fact, in the throws of a revolution. Only this time, it's a revolution from the top down, not from the bottom up - and that's what makes it so dangerous!

A revolution from the bottom up always gives freedom to the people. BUT a revolution from the top down always takes freedom away from the people.

A top down revolution can only be stopped one way - by the strong and forceful resistance of the people. Unless, of course, the people are manipulated by a republican media!

That's exactly what's happening!

The republican media are keeping the focus on the border issues, highlighting the supposedly cumbersome Constitutional restrictions which prevent 'good' Mr Morrison from stepping in to bring the 'rogue' Premiers to heel. This rhetoric is a thinly veiled attempt to turn the people of Australia against the Federation and cry out for the dissolution of the States.

Have you noticed that neither Labor/Greens or the media are attacking Scott Morrison over his Constitutional breaches? They won't!

He's untouchable! (Labor Senator Graham Richardson said of Scott Morrison - Sky News Sept 2020)

So, it seems we are in the middle of Government led Revolution - and Scott Morrison is leading it. Planned thirty years ago, and executed bit by bit behind closed doors by both the Liberal/National and Labor/Green Parties working in unity, it seems that what is behind the Covid over-reaction, is the implementation of new social order.

But, is this what Australians want?

If Republicans need to use manipulation, trickery and deceit to get their way; if they can't win us over with truth, honesty, transparency and a clear outline of the future they plan for us, then the future they want for us must not be good! Last question?

Where is the Governor-General?

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