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What DESOLATION does the 'abomination' bring?

The 'Abomination which causes Desolation' sets itself up in the house of God to bring destruction. So, what does this mean?

He will set up the abomination that causes desolation. With flattery, he will corrupt those who have violated the Covenant, but the people who know their God will firmly resist him. (Dn.11:30-35)

In this context, what is desolation?

The desolation being spoken of by Daniel is the kind given through flattering words which will only be accepted by people who have already violated their Covenant with God. Those who know God well, will not listen to their words; they will not be fooled.

This desolation has nothing to do with the destruction of the earth. It has nothing to do with wars or rumours of wars. It has nothing to do with bombs or microchips. It has nothing to do with the politics of the middle east. It is personal to the people of God.

This desolation is about Spiritual corruption!

The desolation being spoken of is an outcome; a visible fruit! It is the fruit of fear! Fear prevents us from living in the Spirit, in short, fear desolates our relationship with God.

So, what abomination could be presented with such flattering words it could desolate our relationship with God? The answer is simple; false teaching.

The flattering words of false teachers within the house of God is the abomination that causes people to desolate their relationship with God. False end-time teaching is a perfect example. When God's people listen to that false teaching they become so filled with fear of Satan's ways he becomes the focus of their lives. They seek to know Satan's intentions for the world, they seek to know his will, and they look for him to come and rule the earth. That is idolatry.

The flattering words of end-time false prophets lure God's people out of faith and into fear, out of trust and into doubt, out of obedience and into idolatry. That is the worst form of deception, for in their fear of Satan, those who believe the false doctrine cry out to God for help and don't understand why he doesn't answer them. That is spiritual desolation!

But there is hope! Desolation can be overcome!

Check your fruit! Is it Godly or has it been corrupted?

Perfect love casts out fear!

Perfect love for Christ shown in obedience to his Gospel casts out fear. And perfect love is seen in the fruit we display. When we live the way Christ did, in sacrifice, obedience, repentance, trust, honour, prayer, mercy, courage and unity, we will display the same fruit he displayed, the fruit of the Spirit.

That means, when we know what fruit to look for and how to attain it, Satan’s fruit of desolation loses it's power to control us. We are set free!

No Christian needs to fear the 'abomination that causes desolation'. We have already been given the keys of the Kingdom and our fruit is the fruit of the Spirit.

When we walk in the Spirit, Satan's desolation can't touch us! We are free indeed!

Monica Bennett-Ryan is the author of several books:

REVELATION A love Story : The Hero | His Bride | Her Rescue

WHAT THEY SAW : Telling the truth could cost them their freedom!

And they WORSHIPPED the Beast...

REVELATION Isn't it about Jesus?

LOVING What does it mean?

JUDGING Is it a sin?

TITHING Does it insult God?

You can learn more about the Seven Spirits of God, how Christ displayed the fruit of the Spirit, how to test the spirits of those who call themselves Christians but are not, how to overcome the Abomination of Desolation, the mark of the beast, and much more in her book REVELATION A love Story : The Hero | His Bride | Her Rescue

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