• Monica Bennett-Ryan

We have the power to stop the madness!

How many compromises does it take to turn a free society into a Communist regime? Do we really want to find out?

How do we know we are being manipulated?

The signs are all there. It's nothing new. It's all been done before. When we look at Nazi Germany, China or Russia, we wonder why anyone would choose to live like that. Yet, even in Australia, we are beginning to live lives identical to those under Communist or fascist rule.

That can't be true, you say? No?

It didn't happen suddenly. It's happened over decades. Successive Liberal and Labor governments have been working in tandem for decades to bring us out of peace, prosperity and freedom and into a totalitarian state. They have slowly removed our peace, our prosperity and our freedoms one after another. The intention is to impoverish us and make us afraid of them so they can rule over us at will.

For decades they kept their plans hidden.

Their practised 'enemies' act was just a distraction. They needed to keep their plans hidden from us because they knew we wouldn't like what they had planned for our country and children. They needed time to put things in place and to educate a generation that would despise traditional values and not object to totalitarian rule.

Then, when the COVID opportunity came along, the Liberal Party unleashed the full destruction of our Federation and Constitutional rights under Scott Morrison's iron fist. With a sledgehammer, he tore down our traditions and values, polluted our international reputation, publicly dishonoured our military and trashed ANZAC day. He tried to bring legislation allowing armed international troops and police into Australia to quash any resistance to his 'new normal'. It was the Attorney-General, Christian Porter, who stopped this from happening. Do you remember what happened to him?

All this was done with the keen cooperation of the Labor Party.

The destruction of morals, schooling, hospitals, society, freedoms, and trashing of our military and our international reputation was just the beginning. Morrison encouraged the division of States and closing of State Parliaments, and set up a National Cabinet to override the legitimate Parliamentary system to allow for the unchallenged rule of an elite few.

Not just a National Cabinet, but a new and illegal totalitarian government.

This new totalitarian government's only real ongoing problem is that its authority to hold political office can only come from our Constitution. Outside the bounds of the Constitution, Australian politicians have no right to hold office or to tell us to do anything! So, to take complete control over us, they MUST find a way to strip the Constitution of its 'people' power.

Labor is beginning to do that right now. Under the guise of 'simplifying the referendum process', they aim to control the outcome of every referendum and usher in their longed-for totalitarian republic. What does simplifying mean? It means taking we, the people, out of the process. One step at a time. One compromise at a time. They must lead us carefully out of the freedom of a peaceful and prosperous democracy into their meticulously constructed, force-filled, poverty-driven republic.

In 1999 we said NO to a Republic! In 2022 Labor now insists we become a republic!

There is no point waiting for these die-hard extreme-left republicans to suddenly change their ways. They won't change! They are living their dream. They have been waiting for the day when they could eliminate freedom in this country and replace it with severe authoritarianism. That day is now. They will use any method to get the result they want. They're not going to stop. If we want our freedom, we must depose them! Is it possible? Yes!

Morrison tore everything down - and now Albanese plans to 'build back better'.

These Liberal/National Labor/Green politicians have made themselves big and untouchable in our eyes. They have made themselves look like they are the dog, and we are the insignificant little tail. But it's the other way around. We are the dog, and they are the tail.

We are 26 million, and they are less than 700. Who do they think will ultimately win this battle? A dog can survive very well without a tail, but a tail cannot survive apart from the dog.

This selection of egotistic politicians believe they are more important than the Australians they are paid to serve, but they're not! And we need to show them they're not! Can we turn things around? Yes, we can! It's not too late! Not yet!

They practised their brutal coup d'etat methods ten years ago, behind closed doors...

During the global financial crisis of 2009, in a secret government organisation, a small group of people were subjected to the same chaos, confusion, threats, isolation, segregation, fear, and constant job insecurity that have now been unleashed on the whole of Australia.

This Pre-COVID Social Experiment conducted between 2009 and 2011 revealed the shocking reality that, with strong coercion, 70% of Australians would be willing to submit to a totalitarian regime. And worse, some of those would willingly become vicious enforces of extreme authoritarianism. COVID proved those figures correct.

But what of the rest?

Of the 30% who refused to accept the abusive treatment, only 5% openly stood against it. And yes, 5% was all it took to bring the whole nasty experiment to a thundering end. That 5% of people who refused to compromise had the power to turn everything around.

Can ordinary Australians once again turn things around? Yes!

Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. He is not a good man who, without a protest, allows wrong to be committed in his name. John Stuart Mill

Will you look on and do nothing? Or will you take a stand?


Monica Bennett-Ryan is a Christian Author and Defence Whistleblower. "Standing against the might of Australia's Defence machine seemed to some like an impossible task. Until we won! Standing against the current brute forced displayed by corrupt government decrees now seems like an impossible task. But we can win again! We can get our country back!"


A PRE-COVID SOCIAL EXPERIMENT : The Dark Side Of Australia's Defence Intelligence


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