• Monica Bennett-Ryan


First Place in Children's 8-12 Category


They have poisoned people, divided friends and families, destroyed traditions, and now they threaten war! Can twelve ordinary teens turn things around?

Enter a quiet, unsuspecting village that will soon be bombarded with terrible problems. The villagers will encounter a ferocious red dragon, his scheming wicked queen, two of the ugliest beasts ever seen and three deceiving frog bots. This angry team of nasties will work feverishly to bring chaos, destruction and death to every happy villager they meet.

Will they succeed?

Meet the hero who stands up to challenge the dragon. Get to know his girlfriend and their village friends, a small group of ordinary teens who become heroes as they learn to do the extraordinary. Connect with the Seven Fire Lord's who train them to overcome and always seem to hand out astounding power gifts at just the right time.

Enter a fantastical virtual world with a touch of reality! But...a caution: You need to be careful when you read this book. You could become part of the story!


A note from the Author: This action-packed tale brings the characters of Revelation and the wonderful story of Salvation to life. Written for ages 9 to 99, Virtual to Reality reveals the spiritual world behind the evil we see and encourages the faithful to face the evil and overcome it in practical ways while we wait for Christ to return. Today, more than ever, children need to know the hope and promise of the Gospel, and the reality and power of God's invincible Spirit, who will never leave them no matter what they face.


VIRTUAL to REALITY is an altogether delightful reading experience...

The 406-page interior is beautifully and tastefully adorned with hand-drawn ink sketches. It has a unique "This book belongs to" page at the front and a "For parents" page at the back.

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