• Monica Bennett-Ryan

The major parties broke us. The minor parties can fix us!


The Liberal/Nationals have not represented conservative views for a very long time. Neither do they stand anymore for business profitability and growth. Labor/Greens do not fight for the needs of workers, choosing instead to block new industry.

Look at the last thirty years of Liberal and Labor destruction. Under their tandem leadership, manufacturing has been shut down, and industry all but eradicated, education standards have dropped from one of the top in the world to almost the bottom and the health system is on the verge of collapse. No new dams have been built, our farms, water, energy, ports, houses and many businesses have been sold to overseas interests, and our conservative Christian values have been brutally thrown to the ground.

Is this what ordinary Australians want?

Over the last thirty years, Liberal and Labor have been very good at keeping their secret plans and dirty deeds hidden from the Australian public. So much so that people today, even knowing all this COVID horror has been enforced under a Liberal government, still believe Scott Morrison is an innocent bystander, blundering through the chaos and being pushed around by Labor Premiers. But is that true?

That's not what the hidden record shows.

Since 2010, 167 billion dollars of Australian land, housing and business assets have been sold to China, yet lately, Singapore has outstripped China in the purchase of Australian assets. Do the math, it's terrifying!

Take a look at what they own...

  • EnergyAustralia, despite its name, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based China Light and Power Co Ltd (CLP Group).

  • Alinta Energy (signed off by Scott Morrison) is owned by Chow Tai Fook Enterprises.

  • Tasmanian dairy processor Bellamy’s is owned by China's Mengniu Dairy Company financially backed by the Chinese government.

  • Port of Darwin (signed off by Scott Morrison) owned by Chinese company Landbridge.

  • Port of Newcastle is 50% owned by China Merchants Port Holdings Co. Ltd.

  • Port of Melbourne is owned by China Investment Corp. as part of a consortium.

  • Australian water. Since 2017, 11% of Australia's water, the equivalent of six Sydney Harbour's worth has been syphoned off per annum by foreign interests, even in drought. They legally sell Australian water back to Australian farmers at prices so high it is putting our local farmers out of business. Who said this was okay? Liberals!

  • The largest exporter of Australian wool is now Chinese business tycoon Qingnan Wen who bought the large heritage listed Mawallok Estate in Victoria.

  • Other large agricultural properties are currently being snapped up by the Chinese Company Harvest Agriculture.

  • Merredin Aerodrome in WA (paid for by Australian Tax Dollars) was 100-year leased to the Chinese Government for $1 through their state-owned Chinese Southern Airlines.

  • Major Coal mines in Queensland, NSW and WA, including three in the Hunter Valley, have been acquired by the huge Yancoal Mining Co, owned by China's Yanzhou Coal Mining Co. Ltd.

  • Australian residential and commercial properties to the value of $113.2 billion were purchased by buyers living in mainland China during 2018-19 (that amount is for just one year under this Liberal government). Do you wonder why Australians can't afford to buy homes? Stop wondering!

  • The largest dairy in Australia (in North West Tasmania) was sold to the Chinese Moon Lake Investments in 2016 (approved by Scott Morrison). Two years later, the entire Dairy, globally regarded as the best farming land in the world, was broken up in to small lots and sold as 'Happy Farms'.

  • Forty-one Wineries have been sold to Chinese companies, mostly in the Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, Langhorne Creek, Hunter Valley, Heathcote, Yarra Valley, Frankland and Margaret River areas.

The above list is not comprehensive. This wholesale sell-off of vital infrastructure and assets has been slowly increasing for decades. These few items show how Australia has been sold-out to China for hundreds of billions in the last twelve years alone. This is what the Liberal/National Labor/Green coalition, behind closed doors, has been routinely doing to Australia since the Keating era. Has this sell-out/sell-off stopped? No!

It's not going to stop until we stop it!

The Liberal/National Labor/Green coalition is DESTORYING us! It time to vote them out!


The above is an extract from "A PRE-COVID SOCIAL EXPERIMENT The Dark Side Of Australia's Defence Intelligence". A must read for anyone who cares about Australia.

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