• Monica Bennett-Ryan

Should we believe the climate narrative?

Maybe it's time to check the facts!

Can people control Earth's atmosphere?

Did we design the mix of chemicals that make up the air we breathe?

Were we involved in the development of the stratified temperature layers?

Did people have a say in the proportional relationship of landmass to water volume?

Could people choose which minerals and fossil fuels the Earth would provide?

Were we involved in constructing the tidal relationship between the moon and the seas?

Why do alarmists make the lowest temperature in 10,000 years their plumb line for 'normal'?

Why are they telling us it is a bad thing for the temperature to rise from it's lowest point?

Wouldn't real science begin with Earth's mean temperature taken over the last 10,000 years?

Weather forecasters can't predict accurate weather patterns any further out than ten days.

How do climate forecasters claim to predict global weather patterns 20/100 years from now?

What is the hidden agenda behind manufactured climate change predictions and alarmism?

The Earth, its atmosphere, its landmasses and water volumes, its constantly rising and falling temperatures, its glorious seasonal changes, its vegetation, animals, birdlife and diverse underwater life, all THRIVE with or without the so-called 'control' of people.

I'm reminded of the song by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Who'll stop the rain?


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