• Monica Bennett-Ryan

Should the tail wag the dog? It's time to show the tail who's boss!


Liberal/National Labor/Green politicians have puffed themselves up and made themselves big and untouchable in our eyes. They have made themselves look like they are the dog, and we, the people of Australia, are just the insignificant little tail. But it's the other way around.

We are the dog, and they are the tail. We are 26 million, and they are less than 700. Who do they think will win this battle?

A dog can survive very well without a tail, but a tail cannot survive apart from the dog.

This selection of egotistic politicians believe they are more important than the Australians they are paid to serve, but they're not! And we need to show them they're not!


The Liberal/National Labor/Green republican coalition has become a cancer in our society. As a nation, we are at death's door because of them. The only thing that can save us now is surgery. The tail has developed a cancer, so we need to cut it off and rid ourselves of the cancer it carries before it does any more damage to our children and us. As a nation, we are not dead yet, but if we don't act now, the cancer will spread, and it will soon be too late.

One of the most arrogant delusions the republican coalition has promoted through the media over the last thirty years, while they have been destroying us, is the fantasy that no other party has the skills to lead this country.

What a load of rubbish! What a whopping great lie!

The most important thing about democratic leadership is that the politicians elected are willing to do the will of the people they are paid to serve. That is not the Liberal/National Labor/Green position!

In Australia, we have many skilled, talented and experienced people who could not only undo the damage Liberal and Labor have done over many decades but want to undo the damage.

  • People who know the mining industry inside out and could turn the whole country around through wise mining activity.

  • People who have a thorough knowledge of immigration policy and how it could be implemented for Australia's benefit.

  • People who understand curriculum and how to protect our children from woke exploitation.

  • People who would be willing to tell the truth about the so-called COVID pandemic.

  • People who are skilled in international trade, commerce, taxation and Aboriginal affairs.

  • People who know what needs to be done to build industry and exports and the infrastructure required to support our farmers.

  • People who understand Defence and the needs of our military and our Nation.

These skilled and experienced people are out there, sitting in the minor parties, trying to prevent the damage being done by the destructive policies of the Liberal/National Labor/Green alliance, keeping us informed and stopping the rot, from the inside, whenever they can. They are the unsung heroes of our country and deserve our respect, rather than the sneering contempt they receive from the smug Liberal/National Labor/Greens.

The minor parties are Australia's only hope of freedom!

Working together as a united coalition, the minor parties have all the skills, talent and expertise we need to give us the future we thought we had lost forever. They can give us back the Australia we all know and love.

A land of sunshine and happiness. A land of laughing children and relaxed, kind-hearted people. A land of sun-drenched beaches and easy-going smiles. A land where people are willing to give a helping hand expecting nothing in return. A land where everyone has a job, and the elderly are respected and protected. A land where everyone has a home and life is so good and so abundant, we have the time and the will to reach out to other nations and help them attain the same living standards we enjoy.

That was how Australia used to be before the nasties got hold of us and crushed the life out of us. That is how Australia can be again. Utopia! It's not a dream or fantasy. We've lived that way! The Australia described above is now our paradise lost. But, not for long! We can have our paradise again if we choose life over death when we vote.

It's time to trust the minor parties!

Don't let the Liberal/Labor CANCER kill us! Save Australia! Cut the cancer out!


The above is an extract from "A PRE-COVID SOCIAL EXPERIMENT The Dark Side Of Australia's Defence Intelligence". A must read for anyone who cares about Australia.

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