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Are Biblical values irrelevant to Law?

It seems many politicians believe Biblical values are irrelevant to policymaking. This belief is widespread among politicians in Australia, both in the left and the right.

Sadder than sad...

Foremost amongst those who believe Biblical values are irrelevant to policymaking, and therefore to the running of the country, is the Prime Minister himself, Scott Morrison.

"The Bible is not a policy handbook, and I get very worried when people try to treat it like one." (Scott Morrison) reported by Nick Bryant, February 2012 The Monthly)

This news is very disheartening to Christians, who value Biblical principles as a light which has the power to guide every decision and every step we take in life, and all the more sad since the Prime Minister claims to be a Christian.

What does ignoring Biblical values mean?

In his term as Treasurer, under PM Malcolm Turnbull, Scott Morrison praised the illegal 'robodebt' program. This policy ignored Biblical values, using fear and deceit as coercion.

"A more targeted approach to managing people" is how the now Prime Minister had described it in mid-2016. (Robert Stuart, May 2020, ABC News)
"Robodebt court documents show government was warned 76 times debts were not legally enforceable. (Luke Henriques-Gomes, Sept 2020, The Guardian)

Also, while he was Treasurer, Scott Morrison proudly introduced another fear program this time using bribery to forcibly coerce the Australian people to bend to his will. He called this program, "No jab, no pay!"

"From 1 January 2016, parents who wish to immunise their children in order to continue to receive family assistance payments will have access to free catch-up vaccines." (Department of Health Factsheet)

Immunisation, and concern about what is in the vaccinations given, and the lack of information about how all the various chemicals react to each other in the body, can cause great anxiety to many people. Further, it can alarm those who value Biblical principles, which clearly frown on the oppression of people through bribery and coercion.

But, wait, there's more!

And now, our Prime Minister is confident he can do the same again, this time, with a syringe filled with untried chemicals and DNA taken from aborted babies! The risks are huge. The moral issues are enormous. But Mr Morrison has no conscience. He is pushing forward to force his will on the Australian people. He has turned his back on Biblical values.

After first telling us he would make vaccinations, "as mandatory as possible,” the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison said, there would be, “a lot of encouragement and measures to get as high a rate of acceptance as usual.” (Vickie McKeever, Aug 2020, CNBC)

Not mandatory, per se, but just impossible to refuse if we want to work, or get paid, or receive an aged pension, or travel, or visit our friends in another State or fly overseas. This kind of voluntary co-operation, is the kind of oppressive coercion being used in China to force Christians to abandon their faith. It is NOT a Godly thing to do!

No Christian who cared about their own relationship with God would use fear or forceful bribery to coerce or oppress those in their power, and neither would they deliberately lie or treat truth so lightly that honesty would disappear like a mist the moment a word was spoken.

Truth, this week, becomes a lie next week!

In the first paragraph of his first press conference as Treasurer in 2016, Scott Morrison told the public the exact opposite to what he is now doing! He, in effect, has described what he is doing through the Jobseeker and Jobkeeper programs as "no way to run a country!"

"A spend now and pay later approach is no way to run the nation's finances, particularly now at this time of uncertainty." (Scott Morrison, June 2016, Press Conference)

No current critic could have said it better!

It seems that when you throw away Biblical values, anything goes. One can lie, cheat, steal, dishonour, cannibalise, covet, manipulate and oppress to their heart's content without remorse. All one needs to do to remove God from the daily decision-making process is to get rid of the Bible, and it's clear and trusted values. That, sadly is what the evidence shows us Mr Morrison has done, while calling himself a Christian.

A wolf in sheep's clothing?

When Scott Morrison was running for election, I, like many others, was ecstatic! A Christian was running for the office of Prime Minister! Wonderful! Just what we needed! But as time went by, nothing changed.

The influence of the LBGTI became more powerful in schools, and he did nothing. Hatred and division grew in society, threatening to tear us apart, and he did nothing. Though Mr Morrison promised in 2017 to work hard to bring about religious freedom, he did nothing.

So we waited for him to move, and faithfully prayed. But nothing changed! Then, at the PMs bidding, things suddenly got worse. We lost our freedom, our civil rights, our jobs, our businesses and our right to speak out against wrong. But that was just the beginning.

Then came the worst news of all; that all Australians were going to be 'encouraged' (another way of saying 'forcibly coerced') to have human DNA from aborted babies injected into our blood. We found ourselves pressed into the position of having to compromise our humanity, our faith and very souls for the right to receive an income or pension. This low estate, we discovered too late, is what Scott Morrison requires of his subjects!

No God-fearing human being would do such a terrible thing! He has shown us who lives behind the facade. Though he looks squeaky-clean on the outside, inside, there is no doubt in my mind that this leader, who claims to be a Christian, is the kind of whom Christ warned.

Beware of false prophets, who come in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruit. (Matt.7:15-16)

The Old Testament explains what is meant by 'wolves in sheep's clothing' or 'ravenous wolves' and the correlation is unmistakable. You can see more if you read the full passage.

Her officials within her are like wolves tearing their prey; they shed blood and kill people to make dishonest gain. They do not distinguish between the holy and the common. I will bring down on their own heads what they have done. (Ez.22:23-31)

So, should the Bible influence our vote? Absolutely!

And not just our vote, but everything we think and do. Should we steal? Should we murder? Should we bribe to pervert justice? The Bible says no! The Constitution and our Law is based on the precepts of God's Law written in the Bible.

I gain understanding from your precepts; therefore I hate every false way. Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. I have sworn and confirmed that I will keep your righteous judgments.(Ps119:104-106)

When we abandon the precepts of Scripture we descend into chaos. Hatred replaces love, violence replaces peace, poverty replaces prosperity, and justice ceases to exist. Does this sound familiar? This is where we are! This is where abandoning Biblical values takes us!

Is there a way out? Yes!

We can still vote! And when we vote we need to make our votes count by voting in those who uphold Biblical values! Who, in politics, at the moment is upholding Biblical values? I can only see one MP standing for Religious Freedom - Mark Latham! He is the ONLY politician fighting against the LGBTI sexualisation of our children, Religious Freedom and the insane 'political correctness' that is permeating our society like a cancer.

Get behind him! He doesn't claim to be a Christian, but he is upholding Godly principles! Go and look at the policies of the One Nation Party, Katter Party, Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party, Australia United Party and all the other minor Parties. They are fighting for our freedom!

Take a really good look at what the Liberal/National Labor/Green power bloc has done over the decades they have been in power. Together they have brought this nation nothing but destruction, devastation, damage and chaos.

All the problems our nation is facing now (no industry, no mining, no water, no jobs, poor education, sell outs to China and more), have been put in place by the combined efforts of the Liberal/National Labor/Green power bloc over many years.

We gave them the power to do what they have done. BUT we have the authority to take that power away before they do any more damage.

We have the power to vote them out!

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