• Monica Bennett-Ryan



At the onset of the pandemic scare, Scott Morrison immediately contravened our sovereign rights under the Constitution and shut down most commerce and trade, ostensibly for 'our good'.

He had NO AUTHORITY to do that! He still doesn't! He has stepped outside the boundaries of our Constitution and approved the State leaders to do the same!

The imposition of uniform duties of customs, trade, commerce, and intercourse among the States, whether by means of internal carriage or ocean navigation, shall be absolutely free. (Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act - Section 92)

The Premiers followed his lead, illegally shutting down trade, closing borders and imprisoning Australians in their own homes, and worse, arresting and fining us if we dared to try to live by the ONLY legitimate law in Australia - our Constitution.

We didn't break the law - THEY DID!

When the Federal Prime Minister and the State Premiers stepped outside the confines of our Constitution, they lost their right to lead us! Their authority to rule comes ONLY from the Constitution, and without the Constitution behind them, they have no legal office.

Their rejection of the Constitution invalidates their own positions! Outside the Constitution they have no right to tell us to do anything! Outside the Constitution we are not theirs to rule!

The Constitution protects OUR FREEDOM!

Shutting us down to supposedly 'keep us safe' is nothing more than a convenient lie! There were OTHER ways to keep us safe. Other countries have remained safe and thriving WITHOUT locking down trade or their people.

So, why have the Liberal and Labor Parties stepped outside our Constitution to shut down trade and divide us with borders when it wasn't necessary? Why have they developed a 'police state' in Victoria? Simple!

This is NOT about Coronavirus! This is about forcing us to accept A NEW SOCIAL ORDER. Do we accept it? NO! A thousand times NO!

They want us to change from a free Federation to a despotic Republic! AND this pandemic is a convenient excuse to do just that!

Australians voted a resounding 'NO' to a Republic when Malcolm Turnbull tried to bring it in in 1999. Yet, here they are again, Liberal and Labor working together to try to FORCE it on us!

But it is ILLEGAL!

Are we going to allow rogue government edicts to smash our freedom? They have no right to arrest us, fine us and imprison us for simply obeying our Constitution! We are a free people! We MUST rise against this handful of nasty politicians who aim to take our freedom away from us, permanently!

Western Australia doesn't have any medical reason to keep their borders closed but they're not opening them? Why? They don't want to! THAT'S TOTALLY ILLEGAL but the Prime Minister is not objecting and neither is the Governor General.

So where does that leave us?

We are in the throws of a revolution! But it's not the good kind! This is a revolution from the TOP down, not from BOTTOM up.

A revolution from the bottom up always gives FREEDOM TO the people. BUT a revolution from the top down always takes FREEDOM FROM the people.

A top down revolution can only be stopped one way - by the strong and forceful resistance of the people. It's time for us to push back against the combined Liberal/Labor betrayal of our Federation and our Constitution.

We are NOT breaking Australian law - THEY ARE!

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