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Oh-oh! The Sleeping Giant is Awake!

First published on the Canberra Declaration on 14 May 2019 - two days before PM Scott Morrison won a majority government in the 'miracle' election.

No matter what the outcome of the vote this Saturday, no matter who is voted in, it is the sleeping giant who holds the balance of power in this nation.

Who is the sleeping giant? Christianity!

In the 2016 Census, 52% of the Australian population declared themselves active church-going Christians. Without adding anyone else, that’s the balance of power!

But wait, there’s more…

The Christian figure above does not include the others in our society who love Christmas and Easter, and choose Christian marriage and burial ceremonies, and generally hold to a Christian ‘love your neighbour’ worldview. Collectively, this group is referred to by politicians as ‘the conservative vote’. Their numbers could take our 52% up as high as 70%.

The bottom line is, the number of Christian/conservatives in this country is staggeringly high, and not something any political party can ignore. Yet, despite our size, we have been known for a long time as ‘the silent majority’, an inoffensive sleeping giant.

That has now changed!

Something happened recently to wake the sleeping giant. He’s not fully awake yet, just yawning, and stretching and enjoying the feeling of still being in his warm and fuzzy comfort zone. But he is awake, and he knows it’s nearly time for him to rise and get to work.

What happened?

The Folau furore! When Israel Folau was sacked for quoting Scripture in his own time, away from his workplace, it was like the attack on Pearl Harbor by the Japanese in WWII. That’s not an overstatement! It was a declaration of war on our God, on His word, and on his people.

Just as the single attack on Pearl Harbor woke the sleeping American military machine, so this attack on Scripture has woken the sleeping Christian majority in Australia. We are awake now, and we know it’s time to rise and get to work.

There’s a lot to do!

Freedom of religion is being challenged. Marriage between a man and a woman is being mocked. Our children’s young minds are under attack. License to kill the youngest and oldest in our society is being presented as reasonable, and our God and His word are being ridiculed in the public square.

All of this is being promoted by a minority group so quickly and loudly, anyone would think it was a majority opinion. It’s not! It’s the opinion of less than 10% of our population.

What about the rest of us?

Regardless of the election outcome, these issues will still have to be addressed, and they can’t be adequately addressed without the opinion of the silent majority.

So what do we do?

Getting heard is not difficult! You don’t have to go to a rally, or carry a banner, or do anything loud or outrageous. You don’t even have to be seen. You can have a voice, sitting in your favourite lounge chair, cruising the Caribbean, living in a foreign country, lazing at the beach or working on a remote property. You can have your say before breakfast, or after you put the kids to bed.

All you need is an email address. Then:

  1. Sign the Canberra Declaration and become part of the Canberra Declaration community advocating for freedom, family, faith and Life.

  2. Sign up to the Australian Christian Lobby so they can let you know when you can add your name to petitions or surveys on matters of importance like Euthanasia, Abortion, Freedom of Speech, etc.

No matter who is voted in this weekend, the balance of power belongs to the sleeping giant. Politics is a numbers game, and the sleeping giant has the numbers.

This election is not the end, but the beginning of this battle. If Scott Morrison MP is returned as Prime Minister, he will still need the mandate of the Christian/conservatives to bring about the changes we want to see.

If Bill Shorten MP gains the top position (I don’t even like saying that), he also will have to bow to popular opinion. That’s the way politics works.

How do we let our PM know what we want?

Through petitions! Through surveys! The more names on each petition or survey, the more power we have. Whoever has the most numbers will win this battle. If we don’t actively fight for our various freedoms, we will lose them. The Canberra Declaration and the Australian Christian Lobby have been raised up by God for such a time as this (Esther 4:14).

They both stand on Biblical principles and will take your valuable opinion to the Government. Get behind both of them! Get your friends and family to get behind both of them! You can trust them! They stand for God, and they stand for Australia.

Rise up sleeping giant, and let your voice be heard…

Monica Bennett-Ryan is a Christian Author and whistle-blower. While working within one of Australia’s intelligence organisations, Monica, and two other dedicated Christians, witnessed things they shouldn’t have seen. They were sworn to secrecy and could’ve been prosecuted for revealing what they knew. The evidence to back their claims was inaccessible; locked away in secret Defence computer files. Nevertheless, on 16 May 2011, they made a bold decision to take what they knew to the media, then watched in awe as God not only protected them from prosecution but exposed the greatest intelligence scandal in Australia’s history. It’s a remarkable story. Read more in her book WHAT THEY SAW.

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