• Monica Bennett-Ryan

No jab, no pay, is coercion!

Criminal choices!

We all know that coercion, corruption, bribery are illegal. So, the big question is, should they be used by our Government to bend us to their will?

When it comes to vaccines, coercion been used as a tool of control before, on a much smaller scale - a test run, so to speak - but that doesn't make it right, and neither does it mean it can be done again!

Bribery corrupts the heart. (Eccl.7:7)

Why would a Prime Minister, who claims to be a Christian, want to go against God's law and lead a whole nation into sin?

Why would he want to show the world that the Australian Government believes bribery and coercion are okay and corruption is the norm? Why is he taking us down this road?

Chasing an illusion!

A possible/maybe dream of a Covid19 vaccination is an illusion, a fantasy, a mirage. Scott Morrison has turned his back on the suffering of Australians to chase what doesn't exist.

More people are dying from suicide than from Covid-19! Cancer victims can't get proper treatment. Palliative care patients are dying alone. Businesses are crashing, livelihoods are being destroyed, families are being shattered, education has been obliterated and Australia's morale has dropped to an all time low. Our national unity has been destroyed and our nation has been split apart, all because this Prime Minister said this would be good for us.

Ignoring our cries, he marches on...

The PM has been continually asked to look at the plight of Australians and call off the lockdowns, but he refuses. He set Jobkeeper in place until March 2021 and is determined to stick to his lockdown schedule, no matter what.

He has said in many ways, many times, that only a vaccine will set us free from lockdown; that a vaccine is the key to the lifting of restrictions.

Meanwhile, political games are being played at our expense. While we wait for a vaccine the Prime Minister blames the Premiers for being 'too severe' in their treatment of Australians.

Really? Does he think Australian's can't see?

We know that he, and he alone, ordered Australia locked down! The Premiers obeyed his edict. He could end Labor's over-zealous handling of his orders just by ending the lockdown, but he hasn't and he won't! He said from the beginning that lockdowns would continue until a vaccine is found.

But what then? What if, in March 2021, a vaccine magically appears?

Who will be allowed to work, and who won't? Who will be allowed to claim a pension and who won't?

'No jab, no pay!' (Scott Morrison)

Is this what the Prime Minister means when he says "the vaccine will be as mandatory as possible"? Bribery and coercion - again - but this time on a large scale?

Is this any way to run a country?

It works for China! It works for Russia! But, it's not the democratic way! Is this what we want for Australia? I say no! It's not what I want. It's not what anyone I know wants.

The UN has said lockdowns do NOT limit the spread of Covid-19. Yet our PM wants to keep us locked down until this magical vaccine is found. He doesn't seem to care how much damage he is doing to Australia and Australians.

He doesn't care, but we do!

Come election time, we WON'T forget the Prime Minister who turned his back on every Australian's right to freedom while he gambled away our future, chasing a dream.

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