• Monica Bennett-Ryan

How much more can we take? This has to stop now!

Liberal and Labor policies are destroying us! We have to stop voting for them!

The only way Australia can move forward to a safe, secure and prosperous future is with a strong economic plan for industry, manufacturing, jobs, business, education, health, reliable energy and intelligent Defence systems. BUT, Liberal & Labor DON'T have a strong economic plan for our future. Their combined policies have caused this mess!

Look at their record! They sold all our assets, crushed our industry and put us in debt!

Now they want us believe that no other political party would be capable of running our country. Really? Do they think we're that stupid? Do they really think we will believe

anything they tell us? Um...no! We won't!

Do they really think we are dumb enough to believe that selling all our stuff and putting us in debt is good economic management? Um...it's not! We're not dumb! It's time to move on...

Does anyone have a strong, workable, economic plan? Yes! What do you think about this?

  • No schools fees! All schooling free and all HECS debts cancelled.

  • Interest rates rises limited to 3% so you won't lose your house to global inflation.

  • Our children freed from Australia's trillion dollar debt! It's not their debt to pay! And, yes, the government can pay it down easily. A proposed 15% loading fee on mining would pay off that debt. Every country in the world benefits financially from a globally accepted 15% loading on mines except Australia. That alone would fix the debt!

  • A trillion dollars in superannuation is invested in businesses overseas. The plan is to bring that money home and invest it in Australian businesses. That investment would lead to a massive boom for business, employment, housing, farming and the rest.

We are a wealthy country - but Liberal and Labor are making us poor!

Worse - they want to make our children slaves to high taxes for life to pay off their debts. That's just not fair! Does it advance Australia? No! This has to stop!

If you want strong leadership with a strong economic plan and the freedom and prosperity it will bring all Australians - vote for the United Australia Party. The economic future laid out above is their plan for us! They have the skills, expertise and experience to make it work. It is sound, rational and very doable. Why would you NOT want this plan for Australia?

VOTE ONE - United Australia Party. The ONLY party with a strong economic plan!

Liberal & Labor don't have the experience, or even the desire, to implement this plan. UAP are the ONLY party with a way OUT of the financial mess created by Liberal & Labor. They are the ONLY party that can take us forward into a prosperous future.

The time for playing politics is finished. We need real leaders! Make your vote count!


If you want to read more about the lies and games of Liberal & Labor - you'll find it here:

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