• Monica Bennett-Ryan

How did Jesus' death save the world?

Have you ever wondered how the death of Christ could save the world? How could his death on a Roman cross 2000 years ago save people today?


When Jesus died that day, his death opened the way for every single person to avoid being judged by God for their sin. All the scary judgments we read about in Revelation are the same as the judgments Christ suffered through at Calvary.

Calvary is the established blueprint for everything happening in end-time judgment!

Everything revolves around Calvary!

Good Friday is the most important day in world history. It's the day that everything changed. On earth, time was divided - BC became AD. In Heaven, Heaven's doors were thrown open - they had been closed sin the fall of Adam and Eve. Before Christ, no one went to Heaven.

Christ changed everything!

The eternal future of everyone ever born is now entirely in the hands of the man who died on the Cross at Calvary. As a reward for his sacrifice, God raised him from the dead and made him King over all kings and Lord over all Lords and placed eternal judgment in his hands. He was given the authority to decide who will spend eternity in Heaven and who won't.

He is the most powerful person in the universe!

In response, this kind and ultra powerful 'Lord over All' has made a royal decree: Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved (Rom.10:13). Now, that's a pretty good offer!

Is 'Good Friday' just another day? What do you think?


An excerpt from the book, REVELATION Ancient & Mysterious by Monica Bennett-Ryan.

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