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  • They BOTH support the gas industry over coal (as coal is bad for the environment!)

  • They BOTH dodge any reference to the obvious damage fracking causes to our rivers and waterways.

  • They BOTH ignore the the danger to our Great Artesian Basin (the ONLY source of fresh water to much of inland Australia)

And that's not the half of it! Look at their record...

  • No new dams for the last 30 years (no wonder our cities are running out of water!)

  • No industry! (Reduced to cut emissions - climate change madness!) The result?

  • No jobs! (A whole generation of Australians don't know what it's like to have a job!)

  • Manufacturing eliminated to encourage 'third world' countries, like China, to prosper.(Without industry and manufacturing we are becoming a 'third world' country - and worse, indebted to China! Yeah! That was real a bright policy - thank you Mr Keating!)

  • No protection for our farms or produce or for Australian consumers. (Our 'safe' food is exported while Australians eat inferior imported foods).

  • They have sold off indecent amounts of our precious water to overseas interests (while our famers suffer through drought).

  • They have sold off our ports, our airports, our mines, our farms, our dairy, our banks and most of our businesses to overseas interests. (Thank you greedy Liberals!)

  • They have taken away our hope and our future by systematically eliminating our potential for prosperity. (They have made us poor!)

  • They have deliberately forced women out of the home and children onto the streets (again we have to thank the Labor Party - especially Mr Keating - for that!)

  • They have wrecked our school system, stolen our freedom of speech and freedom of religion and sexualised even the tiniest of our children. (Liberal and Labor did this - and are BOTH still doing it!)

  • Once they stripped our youth of any hope for a prosperous future, they unfairly presented them to the world as ‘lazy’ ‘yobbo/bogans’. (Was this so the overseas business owners could import 'cheap labour' from their countries, for their profit?).

And now this brutal (and unnecessary) shutdown!

  • An excuse for BOTH Liberal and Labor to step outside the Constitution and destroy what was left of our economy. (A republican dream come true!)

  • An excuse for a trial run at a new 'republican' social order (albeit a dictatorship).

  • An excuse to borrow and spend money we don't have (putting us into slavery to debt collectors for generations to come). An believable betrayal!

  • An excuse to spend a massive $15M advertising campaign for the new 'government run' industries (5G towers and drug manufacture - not a lot of jobs in them! - meanwhile our 4G phones are all on the blink - hmm...)

The Liberal/National Labor/Green power bloc has systematically destroyed us!

In just one generation of Liberal/National Labor/Green government, we have lost pretty much all the freedom and prosperity that our parents and grandparents worked for, suffered for and died for. (And the government made sure the next generation will not have it either!)

On top of all that, we have just been handed a budget estimate focused on a fantasy; the possible/maybe dream of vaccine for a virus which is not nearly as deadly as it was made out to be. A virus that has already mutated over 1000 times and is continuing to mutate.

FOR EXAMPLE: The virus in Italy is different to the virus in Australia, which is different to the virus in Asia, which is not the original virus, but a mutation. The original virus in Wuhan didn't last long because it mutated quickly. (Genetic Network Analysis Cambridge University)

What does this mean? It means we will need a vaccine for each of the strains if we want to be totally immune to Covid-19.

Yet, our Liberal PM has declared we will remain in lockdown until a suitable vaccine is found. What does that tell me? (It tells me the lockdown is here to stay - we have entered a new social dictatorship and MUST be prepared to be slaves in a poor economy - the new Australia!)

Do we have to accept all this? NO!

It's time to change the game!

Why would anyone vote for the Liberal/National Labor/Green power bloc when we know a vote for any of them is a vote for more dictatorship, more destruction, more suffering and more poverty? Vote them all out!


The One Nation Party, Katter Party, United Australia Party, AustraliaOne Party, Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party are just a few of the minor parties fighting for Australia's freedom from the tyrannical oppression of the major parties.


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