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Cry out against cruelty!


On September 17, 2019, I wrote to all NSW Upper House Members about the cruelty of the Abortion Bill. This is what I wrote:

Dear Upper House Members,

This abortion-to-birth bill is a two-edged sword. If you choose to make Australia a place of cruelty and death, that's what Australia will become, in more ways than one. Is that what you want for our society? It's not what the majority of Australian's want.

* 84% of voters oppose abortion for sex selection. * 70% of voters oppose abortion after 22 weeks, as life outside the womb is viable from time. * 60% of voters agree care should be given to all babies aborted but still alive.

Are you really such monsters you would legislate this cruelty? Babies should not be killed! At the very least, pain medication should be given before the death event.

Are you really such monsters you would legislate away freedom of conscience? Doctors who have an ethical objection to collaborating in an abortion should not be required to violate their conscience.

How could such legislation even be considered in our Parliaments? This sounds more like a product of Nazi Germany than Australia. Is this what we have become? Is this where our leaders are taking our Country?

Are you MPs so hungry for power you will torture and kill babies to feed your ambition? No one who advocates for state-run cruelty to babies and state-run stripping of moral conscience should ever be allowed to freely walk the streets of this country, let alone legislate. You belong in jail. Let what happened to Hitler be a lesson. People do NOT tolerate cruelty! Ever! Wake up!

Monica Bennett-Ryan NSW Voter


Dear Monica,

Thank you for your feedback regarding the NSW Abortion Bill sponsored by a Cross-Party Cabal, including the NSW Liberal Party Health Minister, and given extraordinary parliamentary priority by the Berejiklian-Greenwich Government.

I can not possibly support the Bill presented to the upper house by the Legislative Assembly, as it is faulty in its provisions for late-term abortions, gender-selection abortions, medical-mistake abortions (where the child is born alive) and the religious freedom of doctors.

The Bill also represents a perversion of parliamentary process, wiping the proper role of the Legislative Council as a house of review. Prior to the March NSW election, the Premier knew this bill was coming but said nothing about it.

Now she is trying to arrogantly ram it through parliament without a proper, extensive committee process and examination of its complexity. Even the Government’s Attorney-General, Mr Speakman, has said that the process has been rushed.

The National Party has been even worse, with its chief numbers man in the Cross-Party Cabal, Trevor Khan MLC, totally disrespecting the role of the parliament and treating with contempt the many people in NSW who want to have their say.

When a motion was moved in the Legislative Council for a 3-month committee process, a coalition of Labor, Liberal, Nationals, Greens and Animal Justice Party MPs voted it down 33-5. I spoke in favour of a proper review committee and was one of the minority of 5.

On 19 September I introduced a Conscientious Objection amendment.

Unfortunately in NSW, when people voted Liberal and National Party in March, they ended up with an arrogantly Green Berejiklian-Greenwich Government.

I will continue to fight for better processes and better laws in NSW.

Yours sincerely,

Monica Bennett-Ryan is a Christian Author and DOD whistle-blower. Standing against the might of Australia's Defence machine seemed to some like an impossible task. Until we won! Standing against the various evils in our society may seem like an impossible task, but we can win! The reason we won against Defence is because we just kept going. We just kept standing and didn't back down. We can win this battle too if we just keep objecting, writing letters, reminding our elected leaders of their mandate to protect Australia and Australians from ALL harm. Join me! Write to your local member, or to the appropriate Minister. Get your friends to write.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. (Edmund Burke)

If the good, ordinary, hard-working, God-fearing people of Australia don't stand up for what we believe to be right, who will? Now is the time to act! Fight and keep on fighting, until we win - or die trying.

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