• Monica Bennett-Ryan

A compelling true story! A powerful Christian testimony!


In 2011, three ordinary Christians contacted the Australian media with an outrageous claim, that a Defence intelligence organisation was forcing staff to falsify data in Secret and Top Secret files and pass that false data onto ASIO (Australia's CIA) as true and correct.

The most remarkable thing about our claim was that we had no evidence for any of our allegations. All the proof was digital; locked away securely in secret Defence computer files, totally inaccessible to the media and everyone else.

Defence would need to admit the corruption. Hmmm, like that was going to happen!

Three Defence whistleblowers say they have been directly ordered by superiors to falsify security checks on civilian and military personnel. (ABC News, 16/5/2011)

At first, Defence told the media we were lying!

We openly admitted on television to being part of a system breaching National Security but to our surprise, instead of condemning the breach, Defence immediately told all Australia we were lying; that there was no breach!

That made them look guilty...so,

Within hours of that announcement, they changed their statement and told the media a high-level Defence investigation would be set in place to investigate the work we three had done. Suddenly we were the problem! We were the ones deliberately falsifying data.

They were coming after us!

The Defence Department said that only the security checks performed by the three whistleblowers would have to be re-checked. (John Stewart, ABC Lateline, 21/9/2011)

It was cat and mouse from then on!

  • Nine short days after it was set up that high-profile investigation was cancelled.

  • The Prime Minister of the day, Julia Gillard, intervened.

  • She took the investigation out of the hands of the Secretary of Defence and gave it to someone more powerful.

  • It was given to the highest intelligence investigative body in Australia, the Investigator General of Intelligence and Security (IGIS), whose investigation held the power of a Royal Commission.

We are going to find out from the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security the depth and length and breadth of how severe this problem is, and I think it’s very severe. (Senator Johnston, ABC Lateline, 19 October 2011)

Amazing things began to happen!

  • Defence sought many ways to come after us and each time, because of God's intervention, their plans fell apart.

  • Meanwhile, the six-month IGIS investigation found so much evidence of corruption our claims became merely ‘the tip of the iceberg’.

Three whistleblowers who claimed that thousands of Defence security checks had been compromised have been vindicated after an official report found their allegations to be true. (Tony Jones, ABC Lateline Program, 8/2/2012)

The whole story is one of victory against all odds!

So how did we do this? How did we make this work when we had no evidence? How did we get this investigated in the highest courts in Australia without any proof that what we were saying was true?

Well, a lot was happening behind the scenes. Our success didn’t happen by accident. We were organised, and we were not alone...

From start to finish the battle took three and a half years. Was it worth it? Yes!

We owe them a debt of gratitude. The parliament owes these three brave people a great debt of gratitude for coming forward in the circumstances. (Senator David Johnston in an address to Parliament 9/2/2012)

Come behind the scenes with us, and see what we saw. See the steps we took which led to our success. Watch with us as the unbelievable happens in front of our eyes. Rejoice with us as our vindication is blasted across the nation. Cry with us as we are honoured in ways we didn't expect. This is a remarkable story, and an amazing testimony...

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