• Monica Bennett-Ryan

Christ, Santa and a Godly opportunity!

Christmas is almost upon us!

The celebration of Christmas is not only about remembering Christ was born but is also about remembering his return as a mighty King and judge.

Most Christians love to see the nativity scene at Christmas and rejoice that Christ came into the world to save sinners, but that's only half the story of salvation.

The other half is his promise of eternal life which will be realised at his return, for when he returns, he will shower those who love him with gifts, a feast and grand celebration.

This is why we celebrate with feasting!

There was no feasting at Christ's birth but there will be at his return. Whether we realise it or not Christ's return is celebrated with the sharing of gifts, the giving of crowns, feasting and even, dare I say it, Santa Claus. Yes! Santa Claus!

Everything about the folklore tale of Santa Claus reflects the power and authority of the unstoppable return of Christ laid out for us in the Book of Revelation. Shocking, I know! But none-the-less true! The persona of Santa Claus is actually taken straight from the pages of the Book of Revelation.

Consider these few questions:

  • Who is coming to town?

  • Who sees us when we’re sleeping?

  • Who’s keeping a naughty and nice list?

  • Who’s bringing gifts to those who are good?

  • Who’s going to put on a great feast?

  • Why do we all wear paper crowns at Christmas?

  • Who has an unlimited number of willing helpers?

Now consider their answers:

  • Our Saviour is coming back,

  • He is the one who sees us awake or asleep,

  • He is writing names in his Book of Life,

  • When he returns, he will bring rewards,

  • When he returns, there will be a great feast,

  • He will give out crowns of victory,

  • He has billions of angels at his beck and call.

What a fantastic opportunity we have to preach the Gospel!

The carols, the services, the nativity scenes, the Christmas trees, the decorations, the bon-bons with their paper crowns, the family feasts, the giving of gifts and the joy that goes with all of it, is a direct result of the effect of the Gospel on western society.

Even Santa is a product of the Gospel! How do we not know, as Christians, whom Santa Claus represents? Every Christmas, we have the opportunity to scream the Gospel from the rooftops. Why are we so quiet? Why are we not reminding the world each Christmas whom Santa represents and the truth of our Saviour's amazing promises?

The world put's so much effort into their celebrations. We only have to look at Halloween or the LBGTI Mardi-Gras or New Years on Sydney Harbour. The world also seems to put more effort into Christmas celebrations than we Christians do. Then we sadly wonder why it's becoming so commercialised.

I believe it's time to stop being confused or feeling guilty about Christmas and begin using this accepted holiday as a God-given opportunity to openly explain why we celebrate.

We need to protect Christmas!

So many want to kill Christmas, including some Christians, yet, Christmas is our greatest opportunity to speak the truth about Christ and preach the whole message of salvation.

Christmas is not just about Christ's advent into the world, it is also about his return, his rewards for those whose names are in his Book of Life, his crowns of victory, his great feast and our eternal joy.

Christmas is only a 'hint' of the promises which await those who love Christ.

The celebration of Christmas from the nativity to Santa Claus, from Luke to Revelation, is a simple, living, breathing example of the entire message of the Gospel; a hands-on pageant with tidings of hope so powerful even those who don't know Christ love it and embrace it.

Get behind this amazing God-filled celebration and glorify Christ not only for his entry into the world, but for his promise of return with eternal rewards for those who love him.


© All rights reserved. Excerpt from Revelation A Love Story by Monica Bennett-Ryan.

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