• Monica Bennett-Ryan

Can ordinary people overcome government corruption?

Yes! It's been done before and it can be done again. It only takes few good people with a plan to turn things around.

the global financial crisis of 2009, a few ordinary Australian’s uncovered the greatest intelligence scandal in Australia’s history. Tens of thousands of security clearances from ‘classified’ to ‘top-secret’ were being deliberately routinely altered on the orders of government officials for the sake of money.

Those officials didn’t care that Australia's National Security was being put at risk. To make their money, they deliberately broke the law, ditched Parliament approved procedures, imported untrained staff to do what trained analysts knew was illegal and enforced a strict regime of bullying and coercion.

Chaos, confusion, threats, isolation, segregation, fear, and constant job insecurity were brutally used to stop good and honest employees from seeing the corruption going on all around them. It worked for a while until a few of those deceived employees woke up and exposed the corruption.

Defence was forced (ordered) to back down and law and order was restored.

Was that the end of it? No! That was only the practice run. A new global crisis was coming, and this time the corruption would not be limited to a small group of people. This time, under the guise of a COVID pandemic, corrupt government officials and their civilian puppets would unleash their practised brutality onto the entire country.

Can we overcome again? YES! Ordinary people have the power to make a difference!


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