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They have poisoned people, divided friends and families, destroyed traditions, and now they threaten war! Can twelve ordinary teens turn things around?

Enter a quiet, unsuspecting village that will soon be bombarded with terrible problems. The villagers will encounter a ferocious red dragon, his scheming wicked queen, two of the ugliest beasts ever seen and three deceiving frog bots. This angry team of nasties will work feverishly to bring chaos, destruction and death to every happy villager they meet.

Will they succeed?


VIRTUAL to REALITY was written as a work of fiction to bring the characters of Revelation and the wonderful story of Salvation to life. The story of our Salvation doesn't end with the Gospels but carries all the way through to the end of the Book of Revelation. That beautiful book reveals in great detail the glorious hope that awaits those who put their trust in Christ.

In VIRTUAL to REALITY, the relationships between each of the strong characters we see in Revelation, like the two beasts and the wicked queen who travels with them, are portrayed in a way children can understand and adults will find memorable. It is suitable for ages 9 to 99.

Yes! Children can understand Revelation!

The story of VIRTUAL to REALITY draws from the pages of Revelation, an angry red dragon, an extremely wicked queen, two beastly dragon pets, three deceiving frogs, a royal hero, his seven powerful helpers, a kindly king, and a simple village girl whom the royal hero loves. It brings this eclectic mix of characters to life and shows how the evil ones scheme to bring chaos and destruction and how the Godly work together and to overcome their nasty plans.

An Age-Old Story with a familiar plot!

This action-packed story is set in an unsuspecting village and revolves around the village girl and her twelve loyal friends. After the royal hero saves the girl and her village from the dragon, he returns home for a time, leaving her in the care of his seven most trusted helpers.

As soon as the hero leaves, an evil trio enters the village. They are filled with hate for the dragon-slaying hero and seek revenge, so they plot, scheme and work hard to make the villagers believe the dragon is still in control of them and their village. They poison people, cause division between friends and families, destroy traditions and threaten war.

Evil looks scary but does not win!

The royal hero's seven protective Fire Lords are the most powerful people in the realm. They help the girl stay one step ahead of the wicked trio. They give her seven invincible power-gifts and teach her how to use them to predict and thwart the schemes, plans, tricks and outright evil deeds of the wicked queen and the dragon's two beastly pets.

As she works with the Fire Lords and uses their extraordinary gifts to overcome the evil trio's nasty traps and attacks, the girl gradually changes from a simple villager to a radiant princess. Finally, when the battles are over, the royal hero returns to find a strong and confident bride, ready to take her place beside him on his throne.

Today's children need to understand Revelation!

As you will have gathered, this book is written to encourage children to trust the power and wisdom of the Spirit of God as they try to cope with current world events. More than ever before, children need to know and understand the power and promise of the Gospel.

This simple story not only gives them a visual and emotional attachment to the story of Salvation, but introduces them to the real hero, Jesus Christ, and shows them how they can take the story from VIRTUAL to REALITY in their own lives.


VIRTUAL to REALITY is an altogether delightful reading experience...

The 406-page interior is beautifully and tastefully adorned with hand-drawn ink sketches by some very talented artists, the lead artist being Marietjie Louw of Queensland, Australia. It has a unique "This book belongs to" page at the front and a "For parents" page at the back.

The intriguing cover was imagined and developed by designer Donika Mishineva of Bulgaria. She said, "As the girl reads the book, she is touched by the light of understanding, and the book opens up, and its words come alive to her. It's like she is inside the book."

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