• Monica Bennett-Ryan

A true story! A powerful Christian testimony!

Three ordinary people!

In 2009 three ordinary Christians working within Australia's Defence Intelligence saw things they shouldn’t have seen. They were sworn to secrecy and faced jail if they revealed what they knew.

Australia’s National Security, including our military, was being put at risk, but what could they do? Who could they turn to when it was their bosses who were ordering the corruption?

They had no paper evidence - it didn’t exist! Nothing was written down. All the proof of the manipulation and fabrication of facts was digitally held inside highly-protected, classified, military computer files - totally inaccessible to anyone outside Defence Intelligence.

Nevertheless, in 2011, despite the risk to their freedoms and a total lack of evidence, these three boldly revealed what they knew to the media. And then, watched open-mouthed in awe as God stepped in.

Through miraculous interventions, God not only kept them out of jail, but opened doors to the highest levels of Government and helped them to expose, with overwhelming proof, the greatest intelligence scandal in Australia’s history.

All the way to the top!

"Three Defence whistleblowers say they have been directly ordered by superiors to falsify security checks on civilian and military personnel." (John Stewart, ABC Lateline. May 2011)
"I’m advised, these allegations are ‘not true’ and that’s the advice provided by the Department of Defence." (Brendan O’Connor MP, Sky Channel. May 2011).
"We now have an IGIS inquiry which has been commissioned by the Prime Minister herself. It doesn't get much more serious than this." (Senator David Johnston. October 2011)
"Evidence provided to this inquiry confirmed the substance of the allegations was true: incorrect data had been inserted in the vetting process." (IGIS Report. February 2013)
"We owe them a debt of gratitude. The parliament owes these three brave people a great debt of gratitude for coming forward in the circumstances." (Parliament House. February 2013)

A remarkable story...

ISBN - 978-0-9943256-3-1

Pages: 340

Print Size: 6 x 9

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