• Monica Bennett-Ryan

A sudden and cataclysmic decline in society is called...

Liberal and Labor have taken us from freedom to fear! Was it necessary? No!

A Dystopian Society is identified as one where leaders take complete control over the people through the use of propaganda, heavy censoring of information or denial of free thought. They set up an unattainable goal (like climate change) destroy the concept of individuality, and enforce conformity (often by denial of basic needs, like food, travel, jobs and fuel).

Did you think our two-year long dystopian change happened because of COVID? It didn't!

It was not only planned, it was rehearsed. Ten years ago, behind closed doors in Australia's Defence Intelligence, a pre-COVID social experiment was conducted among a select few. Though 70% quietly bowed to the strong authoritarianism (to start with) 5% openly stood against it. Those 5% won the day and stopped the rot.

Can we do it again? Yes!

The only way Australia can move out from under the Liberal and Labor, poverty driven, dystopian 'new normal' and on into a free, safe and prosperous future is with leaders who value freedom, independence and personal autonomy.

Such leaders will have a strong economic plan for industry, manufacturing, jobs, business, education, health, reliable energy and intelligent defence systems. They will aim to serve Australia by growing our freedom, safety and prosperity.

In contrast, freedom, safety and prosperity are NOT what Liberal & Labor have planned for Australia. They want to rule over us, not serve us! Look at their last 40 years - during that time they have sold all our best assets to overseas interests, crushed our industry, destroyed our education system, decimated our hospital system, made us jobless, homeless, dependent on hand-outs, and worse, they have loaded our children with skyrocketing debt.

Is this what Australians want? No! There is a better way, and it looks pretty good...

  • No schools fees! All schooling free and all HECS debts cancelled.

  • Interest rates rises limited to 3% so you won't lose your house to global inflation.

  • Our children freed from Australia's trillion dollar debt! It's not their debt to pay! And, yes, the government can pay it down easily. A proposed 15% loading fee on mining would pay off that debt. Every country in the world benefits financially from a globally accepted 15% loading on mines except Australia. That alone would fix the debt!

  • A trillion dollars in superannuation is invested in businesses overseas. The plan is to bring that money home and invest it in Australian businesses. That investment would lead to a massive boom for business, employment, housing, farming and the rest.

  • And that's just the beginning...

We are a wealthy country - but Liberal and Labor are determined to make us poor!

In their new dystopian world, they want to make our children slaves to high taxes for life to pay off their debts. Is that fair? No! Our children are NOT their slaves! Politicians are supposed to work for us! They are paid to serve us - not to make us their slaves!

If you want politicians who are prepared to serve you and put Australia first - straight-talking leaders with a strong economic plan for our country who will kill this dystopian nightmare - vote for the United Australia Party.

The free and prosperous economic future laid out above is their plan for us! They have the skills, expertise and experience to make it work. It is sound, rational and very doable. And, it's just the beginning. Why would you NOT want this plan for Australia?

VOTE ONE - United Australia Party. The ONLY party with a strong economic plan!

Liberal & Labor have deceived us. They have led us down a dark and undesirable path with no end in sight. UAP is the ONLY party with a sure and definite way OUT of the financial mess and industrial wasteland created by Liberal & Labor. They are the ONLY party that can take us forward into a prosperous future.

It's time for this dystopian nightmare to finish. We need honest leaders, not deceivers!

Make your vote count!


If you want to read more about the lies and games of Liberal & Labor - you'll find it here:

A PRE-COVID SOCIAL EXPERIMENT : The Dark Side Of Australia's Defence Intelligence


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