• Monica Bennett-Ryan

Exposing 'the beast'! Is it already here? Yes!

Classic misdirection!

Many people are waiting for the beastly anti-Christ of Revelation to appear, but what if it’s already here? What if we just can't see it?

What if we don’t recognise the ‘image’ of the beast because we have been fooled into looking for the wrong thing? What if our eyes have been misdirected? Misdirection is a classic component of dark magic. It is Satan's way.

Millions of Christians have been led to believe the anti-Christ will be a human being, but what if that's not true? What if the anti-Christ is not an actual human being, but a way of thinking? What does Scripture say?

There is no human antichrist world ruler in the Book of Revelation. The word antichrist cannot be found. But there is an image, conjured by Satan to work on his behalf.

A beastly image!

This image is not human, but is made up of four different animal parts; lion heads, leopard body, bear feet and dragon horns. It is a parable with a spiritual meaning, not a person. Its role is to deceive the elect into believing Satan is more powerful than Christ.

Can we see this deception at work?

In recent years a proud and unholy false doctrine has permeated the church subtly creating an ‘image’ in many people’s minds that Satan is more powerful than Christ. It has made many wonder, “Who is like Satan? Who can wage war against him?”

This is the ‘image’ the beast of Revelation was set up to promote.

People worshipped the dragon because he had given his authority to the beast, and they worshipped the beast and asked, “Who is like the beast? Who can wage war against it?” (Rev.13:4)

Who in the church has promoted such an image? How did they do it? What false doctrine has exalted Satan over God and Christ? How could so many have been fooled? And what can we do about it?


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