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Does it insult God?

This book was born out of the heart of my friend, Miriam Wentworth who, as a new believer, was so devastated when she found out that Tithing was not part of the Christian walk that it almost shipwrecked her faith. She set about studying Scripture to find out the truth and was amazed at what she found.

The testimony of her journey towards the truth about Tithing takes up the first half of this book and my journey completes the second half.  

Written by

Miriam Wentworth & 

Monica Bennett-Ryan

Published in Brisbane, Queensland in January 2018

Who has ever given so much to God, that God should repay him? For from Him and through Him and to Him are all things. to Him be the glory forever! Amen. (Rom.11.35-36)

Miriam's story...

Hi, I am Miriam and I have been a believer now for over twenty years. I am a mother of four and grandmother (Nana) of five and I live in Cairns, Australia. I work as a disability support worker assisting disabled Aboriginals in full-time care. 

I was redeemed out of eastern religion, which is full of lies, and so my faith in Christ was severely challenged when I discovered that I had been lied to about tithing. For years I had tithed diligently, joyfully, even when money was tight. I wanted to serve God in the best way I knew how, in obedience to his word, and so I took what I was told on Sundays into my heart, believing it to be the truth. I also attended Bible studies to learn as much as I could about my new faith. But then, I gradually began to notice that there was nothing about Tithing in the New Testament, and my boat began to rock. If Tithing was a lie, then what else had I been told that was also a lie?  I guess I felt like a child who had just found out that Santa isn't real. When I discovered I had been lied to about the foundations of Christianity I felt betrayed and lost trust in everything I had been taught. I couldn't bear it, I had to know the truth.

I cried out to the Lord for the truth and threw myself into personal study of Scripture. This journey of study took me three and a half years. The answers I found were a surprise and a joy and inspired me to do something to set the captives to this lie free. This took me on a journey that led me to the co-authoring of this book with my friend Monica. 

What our book covers...


It's not about money!

When we searched the Scriptures we found there were many reasons to question the practice of tithing - and none of them had anything to do with money.


Why is it all so confusing?

Miriam journeys through the confusing array of pros and cons presented to believers about tithing and reveals five indisputable truths.


What does Scripture actually say?

Miriam throws Scriptural light on the false argument that Abraham tithed before the Law and reveals a shocking truth about that teaching.


What is tithing really about?

Monica takes the reader back into the Old Testament to uncover the the truth about tithing; that from the very beginning it was never about money.


When did tithing begin?

Travelling back to Adam and Eve, Monica reveals that the Law, and the practice of tithing, was in place long before Mosaic Law was introduced.


What has replaced tithing?

Monica shows from Scripture how purposefully God completed the tithe in Christ and how Christ encouraged us to enter into that completion.


Can the church survive without tithes?

Monica looks at the blessings given to the priesthood of all believers, the non-physical temple within and giving under the New Covenant.


How do we give without tithing?

This final chapter looks at the importance and power of Christ's replacement to tithing. 

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