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As a LOVE story!

TITLE:  REVELATION A Love Story: the hero | his bride | her rescue  


Launched on 5 February 2017

at Cotton Tree, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia


Written to be a blessing!

Did you know that the amazing Book of Revelation is all about love?

It’s the action-packed story of a royal hero who rescues his beloved and places her into the hands of seven of his most trusted guardians, before setting out to vanquish a dragon, two ugly beasts, three frog kings and a thoroughly wicked queen.

There is romance too, for after his battles are won, the royal champion collects his beautiful bride and takes her home to meet his father, the King, who welcomes them both with a great feast, which doubles as their wedding ceremony. This wonderful story ends as the newly-weds begin their happy-ever-after future.

It sounds like a fairytale, but it’s not! This is a true story! It’s the personal testimony of Jesus Christ given through the Book of Revelation.

Calvary shows how Christ saved us!

Revelation shows why Christ saved us!

PUBLISHER NOTE : In her book, Monica Bennett-Ryan places Satan firmly under the feet of Christ. She explains why Christ is the Champion of Heaven, how safe and protected his bride is from the tribulation of the last days and why the scary end-time predictions of Satanic power on earth can never happen. 

INSIDE : REVELATION A love story...

Chapter 1   A ROYAL DECREE - We are blessed beyond measure! 

                   Gives an overview of the unique nature of the book and the reasons it is such a blessing.

Chapter 2   AWESOME IMAGES - We are enlightened by parables! 

                   Gives an overview of the main images and explores the nature of parables. 

Chapter 3   SEVEN LETTERS TO ANGELS - We are immersed in protection! 

                   Shows where and how the blessings begin and who brings them.

Chapter 4   SEVEN TIMELY WARNINGS - We are guided through mine fields! 

                   Shows the traps laid out by the enemy to prevent us from receiving our promised rewards.

Chapter 5   SEVEN UNIQUE REWARDS - We are showered with presents! 

                   Explores the eternal spiritual rewards that can be experienced in part on this earth.

Chapter 6   RIGHTEOUS TRIBULATION - We are saved from trouble! 

                   Explains the difference between tribulation and great tribulation and why we are saved from both.

Chapter 7   THE BEGINNING OF THE END - We are released from fear! 

                   Shows when the last days began and the protection given to the Bride throughout the last days.

Chapter 8   FOUR FABULOUS HORSEMEN - We are redeemed and encouraged! 

                   Shows why these four wonderful horsemen cannot possibly be controlled by Satan.

Chapter 9   HOLY JUDGMENT - We are sheltered and safe! 

                   Shows how and why the judgments brought by the four horsemen are holy.

Chapter 10 ECHOES OF EZEKIEL - We are comforted and helped! 

                   Reveals the multiple times these four holy horsemen appeared in the Old Testament.

Chapter 11 SILENCE IN HEAVEN - We are stunned with awe! 

                   Shows the spectacular event that caused all worship in heaven to cease for half an hour.

Chapter 12 THREE CURSES OF LAW - We are amazed by reason! 

                   Details how the judgment of the law of Moses is broken into three well-known curses.

Chapter 13 THREE CURSES OF CALVARY - We are overwhelmed by love! 

                   Shows how the three curses of the law of Moses were placed onto Christ at Calvary.

Chapter 14 THREE CURSES OF REVELATION - We are captivated by wonder! 

                   Explains how righteousness elevates the Bride above the judgments of the law of Moses.

Chapter 15 THE FIRST BEAST - We are surprised by simplicity! 

                   Shows how the image of the first beast exposes the tactics of Satan's warfare against Christ.

Chapter 16 THE SECOND BEAST - We are armed and equipped! 

                   Exposes the limited scope of false teaching and reveals the blueprint used by all false prophets.

Chapter 17 THE SCARLET WOMAN - We are enlightened and ready! 

                   Shows Satan, his beasts and his mistress as copycats of God, Christ, the Spirit and the Bride. 

Chapter 18 COME AWAY FROM HER - We are empowered and authorized! 

                   Explains why our selfless gifts to God are treasured by him and given a place of honour. 

Chapter 19 TESTING THE SPIRITS - We are no longer fooled! 

                   Shows how to tell true fruit from false fruit by using the Apostle John's test against Jesus' fruit.

Chapter 20 JUDGMENT BY FRUIT - We are delighted by truth! 

                   Explains how to apply the fruit test to all teaching in order to recognize that which is false.

Chapter 21 THE RAPTURE THEORY - We are no longer deceived! 

                   Weighs both the Rapture and New Jerusalem theories in the balance of the Apostle John's test.

Chapter 22 WHO CAN AVOID THE CHAOS? - We are clothed in assurance! 

                   Explains why those whom Christ loves will always live above the chaos of judgment. 

Chapter 23 THE ONE WORLD LEADER - We are no longer gullible! 

                   Shows how the end-time political one-world-leader scenario is nothing more than a myth.

Chapter 24 IS THERE AN ANTICHRIST? - We are immersed in confidence! 

                   Shows what Scripture says the Antichrist will look like.

Chapter 25 THE ABOMINATION - We are educated and approved! 

                   Reveals the hidden purpose of all false end-time teachings that glorify Satan.

Chapter 26 SATAN’S MARK - We are sheltered and safe! 

                   Asks the questions 'Who marked Satan?' and 'What does a mark on a spirit being look like?' 

Chapter 27 WHAT DOES 666 MEAN? - We are securely delivered! 

                   Explains the purpose of the number and shows how to calculate it's meaning.

Chapter 28 CHRIST’S BEAUTIFUL BRIDE - We are radiant with jewels! 

                   Contrasts the beauty of the Bride in the 'marriage of the Lamb' with the fate of the anti-Bride.

Chapter 29 THE GREATEST PRIVILEGE - We are cherished and loved! 

                   Shows how Christ and his Bride will indeed live 'happily ever after'.

Chapter 30 AN ENDURING LOVE STORY - We are honoured and regal! 

                   Shows why the truth about Christ's love and the hope of his Salvation can never be quenched.


Monica Bennett-Ryan has been a believer most of her life. She was aware that she loved Jesus by the age of 7 and was filled with the Spirit a few years later in 1963, but dedicated her life to Christ on Father’s Day 1975. She lives in Queensland Australia near two of her three married children and seven gorgeous grand children. 

"I fell deeply in love with my Saviour over 40 years ago. I believe the Great Commission is about helping people fall in love with the most wonderful hero the world has ever seen. My book, REVELATION: A Love Story, is a celebration of the greatest love the world has ever known!”


Monica's personal testimony;

I have no recollection of ever wanting to understand the images of Revelation, but the perspective I now have of the beauty and absolute authority of Christ as sovereign Lord was given to me by God through the Book of Revelation after I had become so distressed by the ugliness of Satan's blasphemy against Christ that I asked God to show me how to counteract it's effect. 

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon in 1981 and I had a few minutes to spare before leaving for church so I flicked casually through the local newspaper. When I turned to the entertainment guide I saw an advertisement for a movie at the local club and the name of the star was 'Emmanuelle'. It took me a few seconds to realize that the movie being advertised was pornographic, then I was horrified, not because pornography exists, but because the name this porn queen chose was the name of Christ. I closed the paper and began to pray, talking to the Lord about the horror of what I had just seen and then put it out of my mind and went on with other things.

That evening during worship, I began to sing "Emanuel, God with us" and as I sang the name of Christ I remembered the horrible advertisement and became angry that Satan's blasphemy was intruding on my worship. At that point all I wanted to do was compensate my Saviour somehow for the injustice and hatred of the blatant blasphemy raging against him. I threw myself into prayer and as I tried to lift up the name of Christ I realized I didn't know how to, so I asked God to teach me how to fight Satan's blasphemy. 

Sadness enveloped me and for several days I couldn't think about anything but the assault on the name of Christ. I felt small and useless in the face of what I was thinking and feeling because I didn't know what to do about it, so I continued to pray for understanding.

Towards the end of the third day, I remembered that somewhere in the Book of Revelation there was something written about Satan's blasphemy of the name of Christ so I picked up the Bible and turned to the Book of Revelation. The page that opened was Chapter 13, the one that talks about the beast with seven heads filled with blasphemous names, and what I saw left me stunned!

Within the space of a few hours, I saw that Satan's warfare is entirely directed at breaking down the Commandments of God and bringing blasphemy to the name of Christ but also that God puts powerful limits on his aggression. I saw that God has always had absolute ruler-ship over everything in heaven and on earth, that nothing can stop his powerful word from becoming reality, that the voluntary death of his Son has eternally flowing ramifications which Satan cannot even begin to fight, and that those who simply accept the victory of Christ's death automatically share his triumph over Satan. I began to read the Book of Revelation with new eyes and as I did I began to see the enormous depths of the love of God and the smallness of Satan in comparison. 

Many years have passed and over those years I have never stopped learning. When God answers prayer he is thorough. I am now confident that I know how to tear down the blasphemy of Satan, but more importantly, I know how to lift up the name of Christ. I have written REVELATION: A Love Story so that I can share what I know about the glorious might of our conquering hero and the impervious salvation he offers his beloved. 

Enjoy and be blessed!

Monica Bennett-Ryan   



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