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What does it mean?

God is love...but what does that mean? What is love? The Bible says God loved the world so much he put his Son through a horrible death so that we could live. Really? Was that love? How could a loving God kill his own son? How can violence ever show love? Then there is the subject of Hell. How could a loving God create such a horrible place? If the love of God is filled with such violence and horror then what does he mean when he tells us to love our neighbour? 

Written by

Monica Bennett-Ryan

       Published in Queensland in          March 2018

God is love!  Whoever abides in love abides in God and God in him. In this way, love has been perfected among us, so that we may have confidence on the day of judgment.  (1Jn.4:16-17)

What the book covers...


What is love, really?

Is love about marriage, sex, family or something else? God is love, yet God's Son didn't sleep around, marry, or have a family, so it must be something else.


A kaleidoscope of confusion!

This chapter asks many hard questions including; how could killing his beloved Son possibly show the world his love? And if love covers a multitude of sins, why does God punish us for our sins?


Unity and Oneness in the Garden of God!

Through a delightful pre-creation story, Monica looks at the relational attitudes between God, Christ, the Spirit and the angels, the creation of the cosmos and God's creation of mankind leading to the fall of Lucifer and the ultimate fall of mankind.


How could a loving God create Hell?

Questions whether Hell is a place of devils and demons ruled by a tripod wielding Lucifer, or is more like an attribute of God's nature. Scripture holds some surprising revelations. 


Making it through re-entry!

Explores how everyone on Earth came from the Earth and will return to the Earth when we die, and asks, but what then? How do we transition from Earth to Eternity?


Seven powerful gifts of love!

Shows how, after Christ died, he not only broke Hell's power but was able to return to his Father Seven powerful keys; seven remarkable gifts that God had been waiting for since the fall of man.


What does it mean to love God?

This chapter looks at the difference between human love and Godly love and asks why Christ displayed different attributes to those currently regarded as love; includes a compelling personal testimony.


How do we love as Christ loved?

Examines how Christ led by example showing us how he loved his Father and how he loved his neighbour as himself. This final chapter concludes with a powerful poem about the precise moment God's love for mankind began.  

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